Write Your Name in the Snow with Penguin Show

UPDATE (9/28/2010): The links in this article to get to the Penguin Show were recently taken down; HOWEVER, you can still run Penguin show by copying and pasting the following URL into your browser. Once you have it pasted in the address bar of your browser you can modify the message. Where it says, “msg=” in the URL you can type whatever you want and the Penguin will draw it for you in the snow.


This winter has been unprecedented in my region and one of my coping mechanisms when the times get tough is to interject some humor into the situation.

image To all my readers I encourage you to visit Penguin Show and write your name (or message) in the snow [CLICK HERE] .  Make sure you turn up the sound on your PC to get the full effects.  Once you complete your message in the snow, you can send it to your friends.

[ CLICK HERE ] to see my message in the snow!



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13 Responses to Write Your Name in the Snow with Penguin Show

  1. pochp says:

    Wow Rick. This is a great graphic tool.

  2. techpaul says:

    Fun! I sent a message to friends, and brightened their day. Thanks Rick.

  3. Ramblinrick says:


    I noticed the “Send to friends” function is a little flaky, but worked on my end… Oh well, maybe that penguin is tired : )


  4. I did not see website nr, I had the video on my computer for years. Many of my Grandchildren and young people coming to my house enjoyed the writing in the snow by the penguins. Any chance of obtaining this again

    • Ramblinrick says:


      Thank you for pointing this out. It appears that the source for this video has disappeared. No more penguins in the snow. I will try to find another source, which I have already tried doing.

      Anyone else out there know of where to find this?


  5. andy says:

    Wonderful to find anow penguin again…he’s a firm favourite here every winter…thanks! ;)

  6. sylvie says:

    Its great to have himm back thanx :) ;)

  7. sharon says:

    No longer able to access penguin show which my children thoroughly enjoyed. Any ideas on how to access it without it being blocked.

  8. BUD HOLMES says:


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