Repost: A Browser Zoom In and Zoom Out Tip

August 15, 2014

Have you ever visited a web site where the text size is to small to read or you are finding that your eyesight (like mine) is going downhill, and reading certain elements varies from page to page?

Here is a “little known and little used” computer tip for you internet users… By holding down the “Ctrl” key and moving your “mouse scroll wheel” you can “zoom in and zoom out” on a web page.  You can also do the same thing, without using the mouse or “Ctrl” key, by hitting the “+” (plus) and “-” (minus) keys on the numeric keypad, located on the right side of your keyboard.  Give it a try! It will not permanently change any default settings. If you find that you need to return to the normal default (original) setting, simply hold down the “CTRL” key and hit “0” (the number zero). This works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and probably all of the browsers.  Give it a try!

Mouse Wheel to Zoom In and Zoom Out

The “zoom in and zoom out” tip, using the “Ctrl and Mouse Wheel” will also work with other applications as well, with varying results (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, many graphic viewers/editors, pdf readers, etc…).  For example, in Microsoft Word, when working on a mult-page document, you can “zoom out” to the point that it will tile (show all) your pages on the screen.

Added Tip: Was helping someone today on a small computer screen complete a task online in their web browser and toggled to full screen. They were astonished and asked “How did you do that?”.  Simply hit“F11” on your keyboard to toggle back and forth from full and normal screen.

GEEK SQUEAK: Why You Should Use Bcc In Your Email

February 6, 2014

Originally posted on What's On My PC:

Bcc = Blind Carbon Copy

Did you know that if you use the Bcc field in your email client to address and send an email to multiple users, the recipients will not see whom you sent the email to?

Many know this trick; however, I still find that many do not. When using the Bccfield to send your emails, the people receiving the email will not know who the other recipients are. It is not a trick of hidden magic. It is that the addresses of the other recipients are simply not shared.

I often receive forwarded chain emails; usually consisting of jokes, humorous movies, prayer requests, etc… Occasionally I will find one of these emails humorous or important enough that I will pass it on; HOWEVER, prior to doing this I perform some housecleaning steps.

I will remove any “FWD” text (usually in the subject line) and will…

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GEEK SQUEAK – If You Are An IT Professional, You Must Bookmark This Site

February 5, 2014

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but at the top of the site there is a tab labelled GEGeek. Please take a moment and click on the tab and you will be taken to a website that has everything, and I mean everything, that an IT Professional would ever need.  All in one place… I often spend time exploring there because there is so much to see (and to learn).

The site administrator of GEGeek is an IT Professional by trade, who labels himself a geek, who works for GE Medical Systems as a X-Ray & PACS IT Field Engineer and has grown up with Microsoft Windows (ever since the IBM AT/XT was introduced back in 1983).

At the very tip top of site you will find a link labelled, “GE Tech Toolkit”, which is a downloadable FREEBIE toolkit that has been put together by the site administrator. Be prepared, this toolkit is an awesome collection that is 2.85 GB in size.

Tech Toolkit

Tech Toolkit

A complete collection of over 250 Portable Freeware Tech Related programs, all accessible from one Menu Launcher Utility. There’s even a program to update all the essential programs automatically, all contained on a USB⁄Flash drive for travel. It’s a Personal tool kit GEGeek put together for his job and peers that he is sharing with everyone to help make everyone’s jobs a little easier. So Enjoy!!



Thinking About A Career In IT? Then This Infographic Is For You

August 6, 2013

I worked in IT from 1990 to 2006 and had the opportunity to experience the development of personal computers, networking and the ramping up of the internet… If you are thinking about a career in IT, be prepared to evolve with a field of work that is constantly evolving and changing. There are so many options in IT, where some pay better than others. This infographic is good in that it displays the IT Jobs with the highest pay and fastest growth.


Infographic - IT Jobs

Be Sure To Visit

POLL: What is your opinion of Windows 8?

April 24, 2013

Today I decided to do something a little different; more or less, as an experiment of sorts. Since the release of Windows 8 I have had the opportunity to see where people stand when it comes to Windows 8. Most of these people are people who were finally just becoming comfortable with Windows; as it was in Windows XP, Vista and 7. What I am witnessing is that Windows 8 really does have the home-based computer user, more or less; confused, discombobulated, disoriented, thrown for a loop, and just plain frustrated. From my personal experience of using Windows 8, I did find it initially confusing (different); however, in the end I am finding it to be a very stable operating system that I actually like. Some people are comparing it to the release of Vista, which is far from the truth.

What I decided to present today, on the blog, is a poll of sorts to see where you stand when it comes to Windows 8. I have never posted a poll here before so this will be an interesting experiment.  I also encourage you to post your opinion via the comments section, as well.

Let’s get started…

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Wallpaper of the Week (#117) – Major League Baseball

April 14, 2013

With Major League Baseball in full swing I thought a good MLB wallpaper would be fitting.  I am an Orioles fan!  Who is your favorite team?

To Get This Wallpaper – [ CLICK HERE ]


Windows 7 (and 8) Users: If you are using Windows 7 (or 8), did you know you can create a desktop background slideshow to show off your pictures and wallpaper images?  To learn how to use this feature [CLICK HERE].


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A Friday Freebie: Internet Tool For Finding EVERYTHING Related To Digital Photography

March 15, 2013

As a result of yesterday’s post, where I made an announcement about the NEW Bookmarks4Techs, a reader of the blog introduced me to a similar site that exclusively deals with digital photography, called PhotoStartSheet. As a matter of fact, due to digital photography being tech related, I added this site to the Bookmarks4Techs collection.



A big THANK YOU, to the reader identified as Delenn for sharing this GREAT find with us. PhotoStartSheet is a compilation of links to anything and everything having to do with digital photography.


Win 7 Smart Defender Pro (Malware Removal)

Samsung Unveils Much Awaited Flagship Model Galaxy S4

Gmail Power User.pdf

13X Or Greater Optical Zoom Cameras

13X Or Greater Optical Zoom Cameras

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