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March 26, 2014

[SPECIAL PROMOTION] Special Offer by True Image Backup Products – GEGeek contacted me about a promotion that Acronis is running, for World Backup Day; where, if you purchase any Acronis True Image backup product, between now and April 1st, they will throw in 250GBs of Cloud Backup for FREE! If you are a geekster, then you know what Acronis is all about and that is is a great offer. Not only are you getting a reputable imaging and backup product; you are getting a hard drive in the sky… @Acronis

[AMAZON APP OF THE DAY] NeoCal Advanced – The past couple of days Amazon has been on a good run with their giveaway (paid) Android apps. Each day Amazon posts and Android app to giveaway.  Some days are better than others. Today, worthy of a geek squeak, Amazon posted, for FREE, the Android App NeoCal Advanced ($9.99 value) which is an advanced calcuator ( with advanced scientific, financial, statistical, date and time, programmer, and conversion functions)… @Amazon (today only)


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Today’s Geek Squeaks – September 29, 2013

September 29, 2013

A summary of Today’s Geek Squeaks:

Squeak #1 – (All Of The Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts) – Into keyboard shortcuts? If so, then you will appreciate the list that Microsoft has compiled for us (for Windows 8). Below you will find how to get to the list and note that there is even a bigger list (SEE BELOW);

Squeak #2 – (Gmail For Android Getting A Cleaner Look) – I have tried several different Android email clients to pull down my mail and I don’t learn. I keep going back to the Gmail client. I can’t wait to see the new version on my phone (SEE BELOW);

Squeak #3 – (Backup And Image The Partitions On Your Computer): When you create an image of your disk partitions you are getting an exact copy of the disk at the time you create the image. To do this you need specialized software.  Makes for an excellent backup strategy (SEE BELOW);

Squeak #4 – (A Highly Sophisticated Mouse): Check out the SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse (SEE BELOW);


Geek Squeaks’, featuring a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it;  from my favorite tech web sites… I just plain love tech!

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New keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 and Windows RT


With Windows 8 and Windows RT, you can use the keyboard shortcuts you’re already using, and you’ll find new ones too. For example, the easiest way to search on the Start screen is to simply start typing. Not on the Start screen? Press the Windows logo key‌ Windows logo key and you can quickly switch between Start and the app you’re in… READ MORE

NOTE: If you’re not familiar with keyboard shortcuts—or you’d like to see a list of shortcuts in one place—see the bigger list of keyboard shortcuts.

Cleaner Conversation View For Gmail On Android


Gmail for Android is getting a new, cleaner design for its conversation view. The update also includes a number of additional design tweaks such as checkmarks for multiple message selection so you can easily see what messages you are about to move, archive or delete… READ MORE

Backup Your Disk Partitions With Macrium Reflect

@ Snapfiles


Macrium Reflect Free Edition enables you to create complete backups of your disk partitions, including operating system, installed programs and all your settings. Using disk images instead of simple file backups allows you to restore your system to the same state in the event of a system crash or hardware failure… GET IT HERE


SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Collection


Based off the critically acclaimed Xai gaming mouse, the SteelSeries Sensei is a top of the line laser gaming mouse dedicated to suiting tournament level players. It features a highly sophisticated firmware that allows for multiple adjustments of the sensor functionality, as well as complex macros to customize the mouse to the user’s specific desires… CHECK IT OUT HERE

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FREE Fax Service For Occasional Use

March 26, 2013

If you are like me, it is far and few between the instances where I need to send a fax (facsimile). On two occasions in the past month I needed to send a fax. Having no actual fax machine to do this, I started exploring some of the online (internet based) faxing options. What I settled with that worked very nicely, on both of those occasions, was an online faxing service called MyFax.


MyFax® is an award winning and the fastest growing Internet fax service used by individuals, small, medium, and large businesses to send and receive faxes through email.

MyFax is actually a paid service; HOWEVER, they do offer a FREE option for sending those occasional faxes. Any actual person may use the Site to send up to two (2) free faxes per day, each fax not to exceed nine (9) pages in length (plus the cover page.) and not to exceed 10MBs in size.

To send a FREE fax, meeting the criteria as indicated above, go to this page [HERE] and complete the online form to show the recipient of the fax, who it is from, and a text message for the cover sheet.  After completing these entries, upload the documents you desire to fax. In my case, my documents were in a PDF format. It appears that MyFax will also recognize doc files also (and others, but I could not find what the other file formats were).

In the end, using MyFax, I can attest on the two occasions I used it, sending five pages, it worked quickly and without error. I received an email to indicate the status of the fax (that it was successfully sent).



Tech Tip #43: Back Up Often

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Abstract Wallpaper Set 65

Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB Mobile Device Storage with Built-In Wi-Fi Streaming


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How To Save and Print A List of Installed Programs On Your Computer

March 19, 2013

I recently experienced a situation where a person’s computer, that was several years old, required a complete factory restore. When asked, “What programs did they have installed on the computer?”, the person was at a loss. Following this occurrence, I started to wonder if there was an easy way to view, save or print the programs that we have installed on our computers? This would be especially handy as a reference in the event of a computer crash. I know myself, there are many software packages I have installed; and, trying to remember what programs I installed (in the event of a computer failure) would be a real challenge, even for an ole’ geek like me.

I am sure there may be other options or methods to accomplish this task, but what I came across was a small software utility, that is portable, called MyUninstaller (by NirSoft). I know you are wondering, what does an uninstaller utility have to do with what we want to accomplish?


First, let me explain that MyUninstaller is in fact an alternative uninstaller utility to the standard Add/Remove applet of Windows operating system; HOWEVER, built into MyUninstaller is a menu options that gives you the ability to either save the list of all installed applications on your computer into a text file or HTML file (that can be viewed in your web browser).

To save the list to a text file, click on the File Menu and select Save Selected Items. To save and view the list as a HTML file, click on View and select HTML Report – All Items.

After using the options in MyUninstaller to generate a list of the programs on my computer, it has now become part of my overall backup strategy.


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Financial Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Free Security Software

Seagate Hybrid Drives


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WinPatrol Remains The Smallest, Fastest System Monitor Of Its Kind

March 12, 2013

There are those occasions where I will rehash a FREE software product and WinPatrol is one of those occasions.  WinPatrol is a mainstay on my computers and is one of the first software products I install when setting up a new computer. It is a “must have” layer of protection that will compliment your other security software.


After you install WinPatrol a snapshot of critical system locations and resources are recorded and you will find that a small Scotty dog shows up in the tray on the taskbar. This little dog is on patrol and will alert you if any changes occur to those critical system resources. The dog will even bark.

WinPatrol, in conjunction to constantly monitoring your system, also serves as a system utility that allows you to review the services and task that are running on your computer and the programs that automatically load in the background when your computer starts. There is a whole lot to this little dog, as you can see from the features below.


Features of WinPatrol:

Detect and Review New Auto-Startup Programs
Alerted you to New Browser Add-Ons like BHO’s and Tool Bars
Alerts you to newly installed Window Services
Alerts you to creation of Scheduled Tasks
YesAlerts you and Locks Changes to File Type Associations
Alerts you to newly registered ActiveX components
Alerts you to changes in IE Home and Search pages
Alerts you to changes in the Windows HOST File
Lets you know if your AutoUpdate or UAC settings change
Add/Remove and Review Auto-Startup Programs
Automatically Disable Reoccuring Startup Programs
Delay Auto-Startup programs for quick bootup
Review and Remove unwanted Scheduled Tasks
Remove Unwanted Brower Add-Ons like BHO’s and Tool Bars
Review, Display and Kill Multiple Running Tasks with a single click
Review, Stop and Control Window Services
Manage and Automatically Remove Unwanted Cookies
Review and Edit your Windows HOST File
Review and Remove Hidden Files
Track Date/Time when programs are first detected on your system
Multiple System Report Options
Undocumented or HIDDEN Registry Startup Keys
Now Available FREE



Frustrations With The Android Phone

How to Back Up Your PC

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A Mouse That Works In The Air


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MediaFire App Now Available For Android

January 18, 2013

MediaFire is an online file storage and sharing service that most computer users at home are not familiar with. With MediaFire you are given 50GB’s of space (for FREE) with a 200 MB file upload size limit. Compared to the other online storage services (which typically offer much less FREE storage space), MediaFire is very generous in their offering. I have maintained an account with MediaFire for nearly 2 years and have never experienced an issue.


The complaint you will hear coming from people about MediaFire is that they will remove your account is your account is inactive. There is some truth to this; however, the rule is that if you must access the MediaFire API (your account) from either the Web, your Mobile platform or your desktop platform at least once per year and if you do that, your account will never be removed.  This is a pretty easy rule to follow; especially, that you are getting 50 GBs of online storage space.  If your account is in jeopardy you will receive sufficient notice via the email account you signed up with.

The one downfall to MediaFire, that I was experiencing, was no Android App available to access and manage my MediaFire files from my tablet. This has all changed within the past couple days (prior to the writing of this article).  MediaFire now has an Android mobile app available in the Google Play Store that can be downloaded to your Android phone or tablet.  You can get the MediaFire App [HERE] .

The MediaFire mobile app lets you access all your documents, photos, and videos from anywhere. Securely store, organize, and share all your data on the web and through your Android device.

MediaFire Mobile App


• Keep all your important files at your fingertips.
• View docs, spreadsheets, presentations, video, and listen to audio.
• Take and upload pictures and videos directly in the MediaFire app.
• Upload Android gallery images.
• Create and manage folders of files.
• Share files on the go via email, SMS, through other Android apps, and with copy and paste links.
• Quickly search all your MediaFire files and folders.

MediaFire Android App:  Requires Android OS 2.2 or higher



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Wallpaper of the Week (#99)

December 8, 2012

A very nice Christmas Wallpaper to help get you into the spirit…

To Get This Wallpaper [ CLICK HERE ]

Christmas Wallpaper

Windows 7 (and 8) Users: If you are using Windows 7 (or 8), did you know you can create a desktop background slideshow to show off your pictures and wallpaper images?  To learn how to use this feature [CLICK HERE] .



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