Stream Christmas Music To Your Computer With Internet Radio

December 13, 2014

When working on my computer I enjoy streaming music from the internet via the site called “Internet Radio“… To help get you in the spirit, listed below is the most recent tag cloud from Internet Radio; and, if you are familiar with tag clouds, the larger the text the more popular the tag is. As you notice, Christmas is the currently the largest tag.

Internet Radio

 Christmas Blues Country JazzChillout Top 40 Ambient Rock 80s ClassicalEasy Listening Metal Dance Oldies ReggaeDrum And Bass Lounge 70s Heavy MetalMeditation House 60s Trance Minimal PsytranceTechno Pop Dubstep Alternative 90s Funk SoulElectronic Hip Hop Psychedelic Swing ChillRockabilly Goa Progressive Hardcore Jungle New Age Greek Bollywood Disco Rap ComedySoundtracks Latin Hardstyle Talk Dub Salsa RnbEdm Manele

Tune in and listen to thousands of internet radio stations. Search or browse for your favorite music genres and play the radio stations in your preferred player.


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Use Jolicloud Drive To Manage Your Online Drive Accounts In One Place

November 27, 2014

Some of you may have heard of the Jolicloud OS that originally established its’ roots back in 2009 with the intent of using the infinite power of the cloud to pull all your online apps together in a very nice interface that could be accessed in your web browser. The original concept (back then) was actually ahead of its’ time.  Since that time, the Jolicloud OS has ceased to exist; however, the developers at Jolicloud have now given us Jolicloud Drive that runs in your web browser.

Jolicloud Drive

Jolicloud Drive is a new way to manage your online storage, from some of the most reputable sources out there (such as Dropbox Copy, Box, Google Drive); ALL, in one place. In my testing of Jolicloud Drive, I found that setting up the various online drive accounts you may have with Jolicloud Drive was very easy to do. I also found, compared to some of the other similar type of cloud apps out there, Jolicloud Drive is a fast loader that has a built in file viewer and has file sharing capability. The only drawback with the FREE account is that you cannot copy or move files from one drive account to the other; but, in my case I can live without that feature.

Also, if you do decide to use Jolicloud Drive, dig a little deeper in the interface and you will find Jolicloud Library (that is currently in beta) where you can pull in a variety of services (such as YouTube, Feedly, Flickr, etc..); ALL, in one place. I will be following Jolicloud on both of these online cloud app services…


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Try this easy and powerful online photo editing application…

November 20, 2014

I have tried and tested numerous online photo (graphic) editors and the one that I am finding that is tried, tested and true is iPiccy… This editor appears to have been around awhile, with my last review being back in 2011 when it was in beta. Back then iPiccy sported over 30 creative editing tools and now it sports over 110 creative editing tools. Since then iPiccy has matured quite nicely.

What I really like about this editor is that it runs very nicely in the browser and has an exhaustive list of editing tools that is normally found in some of the higher end software based editors that you would normally install on your computer. Give it a try and I think you will be impressed. iPiccy is FREE and registration is not required (unless to want to take advantage of photo layers and the collages).



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Some Neat Things You Can Do With Mighty Text

November 1, 2014

I recently featured Mighty Text here on the blog (link) that gives you the ability to text to-and-from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, etc…

Since that article I have had a chance to explore Mighty Text a little further and discovered that you can “Send Web Pages, Files, Text Snippets, Maps from your computer to phone!” using the Google Chrome extension that I mentioned in the article.

Mighty Text

In Addition to Sending/Receiving Text, you can also perform the following with Might Text:

Send a web page from your computer to your phone

Just click the M icon, or right-click anywhere on the page and select Open this page on Phone.  Within a couple of seconds, the web page should load on your phone.

Send a file to your phone instantly (Web App)

No more emailing files to yourself! In the MightyText web app, select the Phone tab, and click the SEND FILE  button.

Send a Google Map to your phone instantly

Ever looking at a map that you need to send to your phone because you’re about to leave? When you are on a Google Maps page on your computer, click the M icon, and select “Open Map on Phone” and that map will load on your phone immediately.

Select some text from any web page, and send it to your phone

Grab any piece of text, right-click, and it goes directly to your phone



Some Weekend Fun – JSPuzzles Online Jigsaw Puzzles

November 1, 2014

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are located, but we woke up to windy and cold weather here. Was a nice day to hibernate and for me to find some type of online activity to relax, yet keep the brain exercised.

One site that I focused on, that did just that, was JSPuzzles – Online Jigsaw Puzzles. If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, then I think will like this site. JSPuzzles is an online free jigsaw puzzles site, JSPuzzles does not require any installation or browser add-ons (like Flash or Java), and has been tested to run on all browser platforms.

When playing you simply drag the pieces around with your mouse pointer and when they fit they will auto click (with sound) into place. Each day they feature a new jigsaw puzzle and currently host a large library of puzzle themes to choose from.

 JSPuzzles - Online Jigsaw Puzzles

By registering for an account, at JSPuzzles (which is FREE), you can upload your own puzzles, save puzzles, and can officially compete with others for the highest score for putting a puzzle together. I couldn’t get over how fast others can put these puzzles together.  JSPuzzles - great site to keep the brain excercised.

Brother Creative Center – FREE Online Desktop Publishing Suite

October 28, 2014

I recently decided to go with a laser printer from Brother (Model: HL- 2270DW) to meet my printing needs and to save money on what I was spending for inkjet printer cartridges. While checking out their web site I came across an online desktop publishing suite, that they maintain, called Brother Creative Center that is completely FREE.

Their are two project sections to the Brother Creative Center: Business Center and Home Center. Both have numerous templates to get you started and both have the ability to save whatever projects you are working on. Really nice setup on something that you don’t hear much about…

Brother Creative Center - Business

Brother Creative Center - Home

Project Categories in the Business Center:  Brochures, Business Cards, Posters, Mailers, Calendars

Project Categories in the Home Center: Cards & Invitations, Activities, Educational, Party Kits, Calendars, Scrapbook Pages, Games

Add PDFescape To Your Arsenal Of Online Apps

October 25, 2014

PDFescape is a full featured online PDF editor and form filler that gives you the ability to Annotate PDF Documents, Create New PDF Forms, Edit PDF Files, Fill Out PDF Forms, Password Protect PDF Content, Share PDF Documents, Save & Print PDF Files and View PDF Files Online.


There are two features that jump out at me that I really like.  One is the ability to upload a form and fill it out (or modify the form for others to fill out); AND, two, you can upload a multiple page PDF file and move (or delete) pages.


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