ANNOUNCEMENTS – New Addition to Blogroll

The blogroll has been updated and can be found on individual pages, on the right side, toward the bottom.  The new addition to the blogroll listing is the "Data Recovery Blog" (see source link below). You can also visit other tech-related websites by clicking on the "Bookmarks4Techs" link at the top of the page which features, at... Continue Reading →

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A FREE Document Scanning Solution That Is Easy

The document scanning software that is typically found associated with the scanners that you connect to your computer is not very user-friendly (difficult to navigate). WinScan2PDF may be the solution you are looking for where you simply select your scanner (the source), click on "Scan To PDF" and save the file to your computer. WinScan2PDF is... Continue Reading →

Backup Your Gmail With MailStore Home

Here is a good Windows software option, called MailStore Home, that you can use to download and backup your Gmail. I can also see using this to archive a Gmail account that is getting full.   MailStore Home is a free email archiving and email backup software for personal use. With MailStore Home you can... Continue Reading →

New Design Coming To Gmail

Been reading this everywhere in the tech news about the new design coming to Gmail, with some cool and really sensible features. Follow the source link below to learn more about this (with screenshots) at Ars Technica. Red alert, people! Gmail is being redesigned. Google sent out an email to G Suite administrators warning them... Continue Reading →

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