10 Interesting GPS Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

This is a Guest Post by Allen Jame, who is a follower of “What’s On My PC”. Thank you Allen for sharing these facts about GPS Technology with my readers…

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GPS a space-based satellite system which provides location details.

The US government created this system.

It is easily and freely accessible to anyone who has a GPS receiver.

GPS is used to detect many cybercriminal activities too. To know about some cyber issues read this.

In this article, you will witness some mind-blowing facts about GPS.

Some of the main points discussed in this article are:

  • Determine accurate time
  • An alternative to GPS
  • Einstein’s theory of relativity
  • 32 GPS satellites
  • Cell phone tracking when powered off
  • Doppler’s effect on GPS
  • Geotagging feature in GPS-capable cameras
  • GPS satellites in line of sight
  • The shape of antennas
  • GPS in automobiles 

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Here is “How To Stop Desktop Notifications In Firefox, Chrome, and Opera” | Gizmo’s Freeware

Desktop notifications can be a pain in the butt… Here is how to stop them outright (in Firefox, Chrome and Opera).

Notification bell

Desktop notifications from websites in your browser can be useful, or an annoyance. If you never want to see that permission box, here’s how to turn off desktop notifications on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Source: How To Stop Desktop Notifications In Firefox, Chrome, and Opera | Gizmo’s Freeware

Here is a descriptive list of “Back to School Cyber Security Tips” – The LastPass Blog

These tips are good educational points for, not only for Students, but for everyone. I have found over the years people do not take online and device security seriously and/or do not have a good understanding of it. I encourage you to follow the source link below to learn the basics and learn how to keep your online presence safe.

Online and device security may not be the first thing that comes to mind with the new school year, but more and more middle school, high school and college students have mobile devices, laptops, and online educational requirements. It is more important than ever that students protect their digital lives as much as adults.

Source: Back to School Cyber Security Tips – The LastPass Blog

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