Thank you “lifehacker”…

Noticed that “lifehacker” one of the top internet “tips and download sites for getting things done” featured an article on “Pop Peeper” (email monitoring software) with a link back to this blog. I recently had posted an article on “Pop Peeper” as well [click here]. Thank you “lifehacker” for sending new visitors my way.  Lifehacker... Continue Reading →

Store your thoughts in “Evernote”…

Evernote is a "cloudware" application that you use to store notes, web clips, web pages, links, reminders, phone numbers, snapshots, To Do lists, research content, labels, business cards; just about anything you can think of. Evernote is available in a variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone); all which can be synchronized with each other.... Continue Reading →

What’s in your cloud?

Something new to the blog is the tab at the top labelled "Cloudware Apps"... I plan to add online "cloud computing" applications; that, in my opinion, are creditable hosts for various online services.  A pretty good listing has already been compiled.  I encourage you to visit "Cloudware Apps". You may have been wondering what is all... Continue Reading →

Troubleshooting Windows Live Essentials…

The Windows Live Essentials is an integrated and bundled suite of software applications by Microsoft that work seamlessly with Windows Live online. Windows Live Essentials programs [ click here ] Mail Messenger Photo Gallery Writer Movie Maker Family Safety Toolbar Optional Programs [ click here ] Office Outlook Connector Office Live Add-in Microsoft Silverlight  ... Continue Reading →

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