Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#3)

New Gmail Feature – 5 Seconds Undo Send Button – All Thats New Who Knows What About You Online – AskBillFirst Spyware Terminator 2.5 – Crazy World of G Test your flash drive with Check Flash – Evilfantasy’s Blog GreatNews – the lightning fast RSS reader and organizer – Great Free Software Utilities How to... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Windows Recycle Bin

I have found that many computer users do not fully understand the purpose, or the features, of the “Recycle Bin”.  It is one of the first places I visit when assisting someone.  It serves as a visual indicator of what level the user manages their files and folders; and often provides clues when troubleshooting. Microsoft,... Continue Reading →

New Google Chrome Blog

If you are following the development of the Google Chrome browser you will want to know that Google recently initiated a new blog called “Google Chrome Blog” , in addition to the “Chromium Blog” The Google Chrome Blog is intended to highlight points of interest to general users, in a way that is accessible to... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#2)

15 free downloads to pep up your old PC – Curious? Read Electoluminescent Wire Goes to Local Area Networks – TTC Shelbyville What do the dolby numbers mean? – Tech for-Everyone How does your teenager use the internet?  Should you care? – Bill Mullins Weblog Tech Thoughts Google Chrome Beta Updates, Boasts Improved Speeds and... Continue Reading →

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