How to use a Blackberry Smartphone with a cheap “Pay As You Go” mobile phone plan…

I love my gadgets, and when opportunity presents itself to try something different, I cannot resist.

The object of the this story is to demonstrate how I maximized the usage  of a Blackberry Smartphone using one of the cheapest mobile phone plans out there. For the sake of this article, the model phone that I used for this project was the Blackberry Curve 8320 Smartphone.

If you do not know what a Blackberry is, I encourage to visit the Blackberry website [ CLICK HERE ] .

Blackberry Smartphone

When it comes to mobile (cell) phones I cannot see myself conversing for a 1000 minutes (16.66 hours) a month. That is two workdays to me or time that I can allocate to other things where I can see results. Please do not get me wrong, a mobile phone is very much needed in circumstances where your business or livelihood is dependent on quick communications. The plan which I currently use is a “pay as you go” plan (with T-Mobile). I have learned to discipline myself with the usage; PLUS I do not give my number out or use it for lengthy conversation.

I have always been fascinated with PDA’s, have owned quite a few, and was currently looking for something that would provide PDA capabilities, as well as, mobile phone capabilities. I did not want to pay a lot or get trapped into a lengthy service contract with a mobile phone provider just to own a computer in my pocket.

During a recent visit to the local mall I entered into my usual question and answer session with the sales rep at one of the T-Mobile kiosks.  I have done this in the past at other locations in an effort to educate myself about mobile phones. One of my primary questions has been,  “What phones will my T-Mobile “pay-as-you-go” SIM card work in?”. You would be surprised at the answers I have received. I have always been told I would have to purchase another phone plan, if I wanted a Blackberry, etc… Ultimately I always leave very confused about mobile phones. In this case, the sales rep proceeded to inform me that my SIM card in my cheapie phone would function in any of the phones they had. The sales rep proceeded to show me several phones including the Blackberry (all with heavy price tags if I were to buy the phone straight out).

As my “gadget luck” would have it, I was preparing to leave and the sales rep proceeds to tell me that he had an used Blackberry Curve 8320 for sale, minus the software for the phone.  Long story short, I get what I think is a good deal on this phone…  I buy the phone and with my cheap “pay as you go” plan, I challenge myself (as a project) to find workarounds to getting data to and from the Blackberry without the need to purchase a high priced data plan.

Reflected below is highlights of how my project turned out…  Some of the information alone may be helpful to other Blackberry owners and in some cases, depending on the phone (and provider), may not work at all. Some of the information reflected may be common information to mobile phone power users and may make me appear as if I don’t have a clue about mobile phones…  Well I don’t, but I am learning!  All I can tell you is, that I took a cheap phone plan (pay-as-you-go) and an expensive smartphone and customized it for my personal needs.

SIM Card – SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is the card located in your phone that is a module that identifies to the mobile phone provider, who you are. It can also serve as storage media for your contacts, etc… The module can usually be removed and swapped to other phones (with the same provider).  In my case the SIM card worked with no problems and all my contacts were transferred to the Blackberry.  I now have voice communications with the Blackberry using my “pay as you go” plan.

Coverage – My phone coverage improved noticeably.  Locations where I could not get service, I now have service.  Proves to me that some mobile phones are better in transmission and reception than others.

Blackberry Desktop Manager Software – Since there was no software with the smartphone to manage the phone from my computer, I had to go find the software on the internet. I easily located and downloaded the software from “Blackberry” and installed it on my PC . The Desktop Manager Software is an integral piece that you need to keep your phone software up to date; AND to provide file management, software management, and backup capabilities. The installation was also bundled with a Roxio package to manage and convert audio, video and photo files.  After learning the Desktop Manager Software, I knew at that point this was my gateway for installing third party software onto Blackberry.

Calendar, Contact, and Task Management – In order to take full advantage of the calendar, contact and task management portion of the phone, I needed some type of syncing capabilities. The Desktop Manager Software provides syncing capability to Microsoft Outlook and to Yahoo.  I exclusively configured my Yahoo internet mail account to manage my contacts, calendar, notes and tasks on my Blackberry. When I connect my Blackberry to my computer, run the Desktop Manager Software, it automatically syncs with my Yahoo account on the internet. This also gives me the ability to pull up my information from any PC connected to the internet.

Wi-Fi – The Blackberry Curve 8320 has wi-fi (wireless) capability.  I configured the Blackberry to connect to the wireless router in my home, which provided me with (at first) limited access to the internet.  You will see below the workaround I utilized to gain full access.

Internet Browser – The browser on this particular phone was very, very limited (proprietary to T-Mobile) and did not provide complete internet access via my wireless access point. I initially did not think this was possible without a data plan, but after some careful thinking, I knew there had to be some way that I could bridge that gap. I downloaded and installed Opera-Mini which is browser software designed for mobile phones. I now have full access to the internet via my wireless router or at any wi-fi access point that will let me in.  (Note: Opera-Mini is an awesome browser for this purpose).

MicroSD Card (with PC Adapter) – RadioShack had an 8 gig MicroSD memory card on sale ($20), which I installed into the Blackberry…  I now have storage capability; plus when  connecting the Blackberry to my computer it is recognized as a mass storage device. I can now transport my files, portable apps, etc… This particular phone model has a camera (w/photo viewer), video camera (with video player) and voice recorder (w/audio player) built in.  With the added storage I successfully converted a full length movie to play on the Blackberry; added MP3 music files, photos, documents, etc…

Software – Now that I have learned to install software onto the Blackberry, I am currently exploring the internet for “freeware” software for the Blackberry.  Several sources that I have located are:

Blackberry Freeware

Blackberry Freeware Lovers

In closing, I have been quite pleased with the outcome of this project and the Blackberry Curve Smartphone.  I welcome any comments or suggestions.


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72 thoughts on “How to use a Blackberry Smartphone with a cheap “Pay As You Go” mobile phone plan…

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  1. Wow.

    This is kind of creepy… you have described me! (Are you watching me?)

    What a fantastic article. It certainly struck a chord with me, and I wager it will with a lot of people.

    I would like very much to share this delightful, informative piece with my readers. Would it be okay with you if I “snipped” a few lines and placed a hyperlink referral?
    (I’m pretty certain you’ll agree, but a little politeness never hurts. I think it is something that’s sadly lacking in folks.. the more “modern” we become..)

    A big tip of my geek hat to you on this one, sir!


  2. TechPaul,

    You have my infinite (forever) approval to clip whatever you want from the blog to share with others… Even though we are a continent apart our intentions and sometimes the “creepy” likeness we share is like no distance at all…

    As always, Thank you!


  3. Rick,
    Bill and I currently use a cheap, or what we believe to be a cheap pay as you go plan. We use Tracfone service and phones. We purchased a nice flip phone with speaker, car charger, phone case, headset, and double minutes for the life of our phones (on all minutes purchased)for about 20.00. We can get 16 hours of talk time for 80.00. This lasts us a very long time. We use our cell phones if we’re out and need to make a quick call, while we’re at work to touch base with each other, when we are traveling, and for emergencies when we’re out and about. Unfortunately I realized how necessary it is to have a cell phone when I had my car accident. Each purchase of minutes entitles you to 90 days of service, which run consecutively. When we first got the phones we purchased hour increments of talk time which each gave us 90 days of service. Because we purchased our initial few minutes this way we have service until 2011!
    I also have also been looking for a solution to carrying a PDA, phone, MP3 player everywhere I go…and my husband wonders why my purse is the size of an overnight bag! I don’t want to spend a fortune for things I have now just because they aren’t in one convenient unit.
    Tracfone has just introduced a Blackberry phone. I’m a little (who am I kidding, I’m a lot) overwhelmed by Blackberry. I’m going to have to do some research to determine if the blackberry that Tracfone has made available is a good model ( I appreciate your article on using a blackberry on a pay as you go plan. It made me more interested in checking out the Blackberry solution to my multiple device dilemma.

    Thanks Rick. As always I get so much good information from your website. Thank you for investing so much time and energy into helping others.



    1. Susan,

      Nothing to be overwhelmed about with the Blackberry… I’m finding it to be the best PDA option I have had yet; even when using one of the cheap phone services. You can even install software on the Blackberry (e.g. Bible, ebooks, games,etc…). Sounds like a great deal on the phone service you have. I use my cell phone the same way that you guys do. With T-Mobile (pay-as-you-go) if you purchase a $100 worth of minutes you get a 1000 hours (they usually give a little more) that is good for a year. If at anytime during that year you add additional minutes (no matter the amount) it automatically gives you another year… T-Mobile does not have the Blackberry option; however, someone could do as I did in the article.

      Thank you very much for such a wonderful commentary.



  4. My biggest issue is when I am roaming internationally,
    I would like my data services to be enabled,
    but not like to receive email.
    And I would love to be able to turn that on or off from the device…
    but I guess you can’t have everything…


  5. Thank you for your information. It was most helpful. I do have a few questions that remain after re-reading your post; sorry if I’m ignorant of the obvious:
    1) You mention “putting/loading” all this info onto the BB from your PC. By what means did you do this? Wirelessly? Does the pc just communicate with the BB through the ethers if its in close proximity? Isn’t that kinda scary if there are other pcs around that you don’t want communicating with your BB? How do you limit those communications?
    2) Along the same line of questioning, how does the Opera-Mini work? Is it like having a wireless card in my laptop? Do I have to be in close proximity to an open wi-fi network to access the web?
    3) A question you didn’t address because it doesn’t seem to be part of your strategy, but I’m wondering if you know, is; If I simply add data to my Pay-As-You-Go Plan on my BB, will it work just the same as if I sign up for a long term data plan package?

    Again, thanks for any additional information you may provide.

    Kim (Uber Newbie to the whole BB thing)


    1. Kim,

      1.) When you buy a Blackberry you should have received a CD that you install their “Desktop Manager” on your PC. Better yet, go to and download the latest “Desktop” software. The “Desktop Manager” is what is used to install software on the blackberry, to sync with Yahoo, perform backups, etc…

      2.) Opera Mini is a browser that you install on the Blackberry. In my case my Blackberry curve has WiFi capabilities. if I am in range of my WiFi connection in my home, I can browse anywhere on the internet (for FREE) using Opera Mini (just like I would if I was on my PC).
      3.) In my case, I am a T-Mobile “pay-as-you-go” customer. I do not think I can purchase a “separate” pay-as-you-go” data plan. Now you may have something different that may do that; BUT, it could become quite costly. Again, if you have a Blackberry with WiFi, you can get on the internet anywhere (for free) where WiFi is available…

      I hope I was helpful in trying to answer your questions. So far I love my Blackberry and really I do not make many calls. My actual phone cost for service this past year has been around $50 to $60. I just manage how and when I use my phone AND I do not give my phone number out…



  6. Does the Blackberry have to be unlocked to use the pay-as-you-go SIM card? I’ve been thinking about just buying a unit online….. can you use an AT+T pay as you go with the iphone? Way to open up new ideas and possibilities the berry smart iphone solution!


    1. Crys,

      Hmmm… My guess the Blackberry would have to be unlocked. In my case I used my “pay-as-you-go” SIM card out of my TMobile phone and put it in a Blackberry that was setup for TMobile… I would definitely investigate that further with whatever carrier you are going with. Hate to see you buy the Blackberry and end up in a dilemma… In regards to the AT&T “pay as you go” in an iphone? I would go to an AT&T kiosk in a mall or a AT&T mobile phone store to see what they say. Now they are going to try and sell you a data plan and may tell you will not work; that’s what happened to me. What I have written about has worked for me with the TMobile phones… I am not a heavy cell user and having the Blackberry PDA functions has worked very well for me…



  7. I don’t have a comment, but a question. I, too, want to buy a blackberry but use it as a Pay-as-you-go phone. The problem is my current phone does not have a sim card. Any suggestions?


      1. you can get one for free at an AT&T store tell them you have a phone already and just need a sim card for pay as you go. Or amazon for about 8 bucks


  8. Hi Rick –

    SO happy I stumbled across your article!

    I just ordered a Blackberry Tour from Verizon, and my husband wants to take my current phone – a T-Mobile BB 8320 – to use as a pay-as-you-go phone.

    Will the SIM that’s in the phone work with the T-Mobile pay-as-you-go service, or will we need to get a different one? If so, what’s your recommended/best method of obtaining one?

    Many thanks for sharing your insight with the ‘rest of us’ !


  9. Thx for posting this very informative article. I want to get the Blackberry 8900 which also has WiFi as your does. I read that both the 8320 and the 8900 come with the capability to use T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home service, where you can make unlimited calls when at home(w/ a wireless router) for a $10-20 charge. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use this T-mobile service with your “pay as you go” phone that you have set up on your blackberry? thx


    1. James,

      Hmmm… Now you got me thinking! I may check into this option about using the T-Mobile Hotspot Home Service in conjunction with the “pay-as-you-go” service. If this is the case, I may be doing what you are asking about (and really suggesting)… Thanks for a great comment.

      P.S. If you find out anything in regards to this, please let me know and I will do the same (as well).




  10. Glad to peak your interest Rick, it’s definately worth looking into. I won’t be buying the 8900 for a little while so you will probably be able to find out first. I was curious though on your phone, are you able to use all the features without any problems? Like using the various apps, ebook reading; if you have them downloaded onto your phone are you able to use/view them at any time? thx


  11. Your post helped me a lot! thx!But I still have a question. Can you use bbm when you’re using the pay as you go plan? or do you need internet connection to do that? thx


    1. Emily,

      If I am understanding you correctly, you are wanting to know if you can use the Blackberry to get on the internet? If you have a Blackberry that has wi-fi capability you can browse the internet with the Blackberry if you are in a place that has wi-fi. For example, I was recently at a local hospital that had open wi-fi. I was able to browser the internet while at the hospital. The “Pay-As-You-Go” service gives me the phone service and text messaging… I hope I was as clear as mud : )



  12. Dear Rick,

    Thank you for your article. Most interesting. I do have a seemingly unrelated question, however. I am an avid Tracfone recruiter. Unfortunately, they have no “good” phones (blackberry’s, iPhones, etc.). I was wondering if you knew of any way to transfer a different, better phone (such as the Blackberry Curve) to Tracfone service.



    1. Hello Grace,

      Welcome to What’s On My PC… I’m sorry, I do not know of any way to transfer to a different better phone than Tracfone’s current phone line. One thing to possibly explore, which I am no expert, is finding a phone that is “unlocked” and will accept another carrier’s SIM card… That may be a solution!



  13. hi rick. everything you wrote i have been trying to do but i do have an at&t blackberry curve soo id i buy a “pay as you go” at&t would it be any difference? and my phone is unlocked too. so do you think i should get the at&t or t-mobile. i really dont know if the at&t would actually work.


  14. Hi, I was wondering if I needed a previous sim card from a current phone or could I just go out and buy a sim card, and activate it? I was planning on buying a Blackberry, since Verizon is becoming a hassle, and just going to T-Mobile to get a sim card. I figured that I won’t need a previous plan with T-Mobile for it to work..but something tells me I might.


    1. Genie,

      I do know that most cell phone carriers “lock” their phones into their service. I do know if you check around on the internet there is ways to unlock phones. Take your Blackberry, go to the nearest TMobile phone store, and inquire about this. I do know this… You can buy a sim card from TMobile for less than $15… I just bought one for my wife.



  15. okay, i currently have a virgin mobile phone which does not have a sim card. i am getting an unlocked blackberry in two days and im planning on going and buying a cheap at&t pay as you go phone for like twenty bucks, and take the sim card out of that and put it into the unlocked blackberry, will this work? i mean after i do that do i just set up an account with at&t pay as you go? i mean will the sim card even work in my blackberry?
    please answer can not find anyone that can help!


    1. Jeanette,

      You are basically doing the same thing I did; with the exception I used TMobile. Will it work, you ask? Only way to find out is to try it. It worked for me under the TMobile pay-as-you go plan.



  16. so okay another question. can you give me specific steps on how exactly youmade this work? im gonna do it with tmobile as well i have decided, because at&t does not have a twenty dollar a month unlimited texting option, and tmobile does. sooo. like besides buying a sim card for tmobile what else do i need to do from there on?

    also, when i get the sim card in my blackberry do i then just activate in online? and it will just work?
    sorry i am not tech savvy.


  17. I, too, rarely use my cellphone but really need a PDA. I have used Palm products for years but stopped using them after the manufacturing work became shoddy. You have really inspired me, as what you have done is exactly what I want to learn how to do. Thank you so much!


  18. hi,
    ive put a a sim into a pay as you go blackberry and was just wondering whether BBM (the instant messaging) still works?
    and also..i didnt realise you had to download the desktop software on to the blackberry…does this mean once you do you can get email notifications sent to your phone straight away?
    i hope this is not too confusing!


    1. Sasha,

      The instant messaging will probably not work, due it is not a data plan; however, you can still text message (which I do all of the time). The blackberry desktop software is a good thing. It has a feature in it to back up your phones data; PLUS, if you setup a Yahoo account, you can manage all of your contacts, calendar, notes using the Yahoo account. The desktop software will synchronize with Yahoo. Hope this helps…



  19. Hi Rick. Obviously you are well educated in the in’s and out’s of mobile phones. Unfortunately I am not. I would love to enter the world of smartphones but am ignorant about what works and what doesn’t. I have a Net Ten phone made by LG. Can I take the sim card from that phone, put it in say a Blackberry, and still charge my minute bank by buying the Net Ten pay as you go card? I have years of numbers logged into that sim card and don’t want to loose them. Thanks for any help from anyone. Marc


    1. Marc,

      Thanks for the compliment; however, I am not that educated when it comes to the “in’s and out’s” of mobile phones. In answer to you question, I really do not know if that will work or not. I do know if you try it; it will have be in a phone (such as a blackberry) that has been unlocked. If you do a search on the internet about unlocking mobile phones, you will find a ton of info on it. In my case (as reflected in the article), I was able to to what I did due both phones were setup for TMobile. If you know someone that has a Blackberry (that is unlocked), put your SIM card in it and see what happens. If it does work, you should be able to charge your minute bank. I am, even today, still using my Blackberry with my Pay As You Go Plan (through TMobile) and have not experienced any issues. I know I have been clear as mud…



  20. Sim cards are available to purchase without buying a phone? Waiting on my sprint contract to go away. Hoping that this would work with my 8330 that i already own. Currently have all data and the bells and whistles Do i need them all probally not but do use them. Would the data plan on pay as you go work with my current phone? yes this is most likely unclear and longwinded but cant take the $175/mo any more. Just would like some advice.


    1. unhappy sprint,

      Most likely your sprint phone would need to be unlocked. You can probably find if that is possible by searching on the internet (e.g. unlock spring blackberry 8330). If you can get it unlocked, you could then most likely put in a TMobile SIM card, pay as you go (which is available for around $10 or $15 at your local TMobile store). Now keep in mind, you will not have a data plan with this.



  21. Interesting article, I have been a T-Mobile pay-as-u-go customer since 2006. Been very happy with the service, but now I am getting to the point to where I need my phone to do more than just make calls. Before I venture into this I would like to get a few points correct. As I understand your article

    1. If you are not at home or near a Wifi hot spot you do NOT have internet access as with an iPhone or the Droids

    2. You email is synced when you connect to your computer

    3. Do you have email access through Wifi?

    4. Does your BB have a GPS and does it work?

    5. Will it work with imap or poo3?

    Thanks for sharing this information with us


    1. Gramps,

      1. If you are not at home or near a Wifi hot spot you do NOT have internet access as with an iPhone or the Droids
      That is correct, no internet unless near a wifi point…

      2. You email is synced when you connect to your computer
      No, I do not have any email sync setup

      3. Do you have email access through Wifi? No

      4. Does your BB have a GPS and does it work? No

      5. Will it work with imap or poo3? Don’t know



      1. Rick,

        Thanks for the reply. So what you have is a PDA with Wifi with the ability to make cell calls. Just asking all the questions as I decide if I want to invest in a BB to use on my plan or stay status quo. Trying to get a handle on what I will gain my getting the BB



      2. Gramps,

        Yep, PDA with WiFi capability. I use the Blackberry Desktop software to sync up my contacts, etc… If you can get a Blackberry cheap, then it is a good thing. Buying a Blackberry straight out will cost some big dollars. Good Luck and thanks for visiting my blog.



  22. This is a good article and gave me an idea. I am looking for a phone that can handle Skype.

    I found a pay as you go plan, and I was wondering if I can buy a cheap phone with it. Then swap the sim card. But I also have not found a cheap blackberry phone that has no contract. All of them has been a 2 year contract with AT&T.

    I don’t really mind what phone it is, but I am really looking for a handset that can handle skype calls. That way I can make free phone calls to skype contacts. Can anyone give me a suggestions?


  23. Does the opera-mini have any kind of firewall or security built in? Or do you use something else for security when you access wi-fi points?

    Great post … I’d love to give this a try if I can find a BB at a decent price.


    1. VT,

      As far as I know, Opera Mini does in fact have strong security built in… I just uprgraded my phone this evening with the latest version of Opera Mini and it works great on my wifi network in my home.

      Ironically, I’ve been online this evening looking at (and educating myself) about unlocked cell phones. Do a search for “unlocked cell phones” and I am sure you will find a blackberry. Some are refurbished… Also check for their unlocked phones. Basically with an unlocked phone, depending on the cell network, you can drop just about any sims card into the phone and it will work.



  24. Rick,

    I too was curious about this issue and am glad I stumbled upon here. Great article by the way.

    Now onto some questions I hope you could help me with.

    1) Can you send email from your blackberry using the Wi-Fi connection (on the Tmobile pay as you go)? If no, why not?

    2) Can you receive email to your blackberry Wi-Fi connection (on the Tmobile pay as you go)? If no, why not?

    3) Can you use IM (instant messaging) applications like Aim, Yahoo, or MSN from your blackberry using the Wi-Fi connection (on the Tmobile pay as you go)? If no, why not?

    Thanks in advance. Keep up the great hobby. I will continue to read this blog.



    1. AV,

      If you have an online webmail account you can visit the webmail site to send/receive email, just like in your browser; however, not very user friendly. I use the Opera browser on my Blackberry. I do not think the standalone IM apps for the Blackberry will work on the blackberry using the wi-fi. Now, if you have a data plan with your provider, then we are talking something completely different which would do all that you are indicating.



  25. Love your info. although my age is catching up with me and don’t know if I can handle quite this much teck stuff now. Here’s my thing. Have Verizon wireless now with an extra line I don’t need (only got it so I could upgrade to a querty board) Daughter near me now has a blackberry with t-mobile and Daughter in Canada has blackberry so now they can bbm free. I’m going to be living in Mexico part of the year and want cheap communication. Verizon have to buy an International plan and trying to find way around all this expense. Looking into Ooma, but not convinced it’s right for me. If I upgrade to blackberry then have to have ‘data plan’ more money! Thinking not to have a land line in Mex. and maybe here also, but will want cable and internet. Need international calling capabilities. If I have blackberry can I bvm with my daughters and do I get my own or do I get one through Virgin or Boost? I went to the site you mentioned unlocked blackberry’s .. how do I choose one I don’t know what I’m doing I only know what I want to do, I think.; help if you can please!


    1. Gloria,

      You can find unlocked phones by searching for unlocked mobile phones using Google. A reputable site for unlocked phones is Now keep in mind, just because a phone is unlocked does not mean it will work with the carrier. For example, I have an unlocked Blackberry and I knew it would work with TMobile. Most of these sites that handle unlocked phones will tell you which provider it will work with.



  26. First, thanks for quick reply!went to newegg.. blackberry curve with virgin, but what do I do if I buy it, can I bbm with daughters as my previous question and is virgin any good for coverage and I need coverage in the yucatan, mexico as well as when here.


  27. Rick,

    I use pay as you go service and would like to setup two phones on the same phone number so I can leave one at home and have another in my car. Is there anyway that I can configure two smartphones to accomplish this? I use very little phone time and this would be a great advantage.


    1. Don,

      I’m no cell phone expert; however, the cell phone numbers are tied to the SIM card of the phone. On a pay-as-you-go setup I don’t see what you are asking being possible. On a contract agreement, maybe. Again, I am no expert. I will tell you this… Go to a local kiosk in a mall for example and simply ask; however, what I found is ask more than one.



  28. I have a blackberry 8520 I want to connect to my wireless router can I do this? And if so would I get charged for it? I don’t want to have a extra bill at the end of the month ^^;

    Please answer


  29. I have a old Nokia 6101 and I want to buy a Blackberry Curve 8320 and put my Pay-As-You-Go SIM card in it. Just for clarification, do I only have to put the card in my new phone and I’ll be all set, or is there something else I have to do?


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