Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#8)

I can only say WOW!  Another round of great articles, during the past week, from the top tech blogs on the internet… You can be part of this weekly listing by adding "What's On My PC..." to your blogroll...  Thank you! Synchronize Two Folders to have a Backup – TTC Shelbyville Have You Gone Virtual... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Windows Vista Sidebar

It is my finding, and I think most techs will agree, that the Windows Vista Sidebar is probably the most underutilized and most misunderstood feature in Vista. I also do not see many articles written about the sidebar and this may be due to the thinking, by techs, that the sidebar consumes system memory or... Continue Reading →

Gmail is getting better and better…

Did you know that if you have a Gmail account (Google’s popular email service) you can view PDF files, Powerpoint files and TIFF files? For example, if someone sends you Powerpoint slides as an email attachment in your Gmail, you can view the slides without installing the Powerpoint viewer; OR, if someone sends you a... Continue Reading →

Sniffing out the space on your drives…

File storage on hard drives, external drives, flash drives, etc. are like closets… Without organization and routine maintenance, you can get into a “hidden”world of clutter in the matter of no time. The hard drives and other storage media that we use are definitely on the list of the “most neglected” when it comes to... Continue Reading →

A User-Friendly and Handy Cloud Resource

When I came across, I was thinking calendars; printable calendars. What I found was not only calendars that you can print (or save as a PDF file), but also found a grab bag of numerous other usable and printable items. Below is a clip from that reflects the categories featured on the site.... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#7)

As always, this weeks' roundup of articles by those on my blogroll (aka: Launch Pad) are absolutely remarkable.  Please note that I created a category on the blog, titled “Geek Squeaks". You can easily preview past articles written by these authors by clicking on that category. The category listings are located on the sidebar of... Continue Reading →

An easy way to remote into another PC

There are many, many options available today that allow you to remote into another person’s PC (or desktop) to provide troubleshooting support or to remote into your home PC from the office or from anywhere in the world. One of the easiest options that I have experienced, that is FREE for non-commercial users, is called... Continue Reading →

Online Blackberry Bible

If you are a RIM Smartphone (Blackberry) owner, then you will find this information, “clipped” from CIO, invaluable…  It is a great read on everything you need to know about your Blackberry… You can click on any of the titles below and you will be redirected to the CIO web site for that specific topic…... Continue Reading →

Key visual signs of a badware infection…

Many beginners to computers may not recognize what the symptoms are when their computer has been infected by badware.  Badware, for the sake of this article, is defined as malware, spyware, popups, adware, trojans, viruses – all the bad stuff that can infiltrate your computer without your permission. It is important that when you recognize... Continue Reading →

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