New Nigerian Scheme Utilizing Craiglist

I posted this clip, from the FBI (Colombia, SC), to alert people to a Nigerian scheme that targets homeowners and/or prospective renters. Currently the scheme is in operation in the South Carolina area; however, it will be a matter of time before it expands to other areas and/or evolves further into something similar, but using... Continue Reading →

Safety is every Tech’s business…

Following my retirement, I landed a part-time job in the field of Safety & Security. Safety is a big deal, especially from a liability standpoint, when it comes to the management of people and the environment which they work in; however, sometimes making people understand what is safe and what is not safe is a... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#21)

We are now entering the 21st week of “Geek Squeaks”…  The “What’s On My PC…” blogroll community, continues to mill out, article after article, tech information that would make the experts blush. This is my way, at “What’s On My PC…”, to shine light on these authors for the contributions they make to help others.... Continue Reading →

Very cool animated site on how to build a computer…

If you are thinking about building your own computer OR you want to learn more about the internal components of your computer, then “PCitYourself” is an good starting point.  This site provides “How To” instructions in conjunction with flash based technology, to animate “step-by’step”, the process of choosing parts for a computer, building the computer... Continue Reading →

Technology is needed to control these monkeys…

If you think the wildlife has encroached your area; how would you like 65,000 Macque monkeys running around terrorizing your neighborhood? This is exactly what is occurring in Punjab, India. The solution being sought there is to take the worst offenders, amongst the rogue monkeys, and put them through a crash course in good manners… ... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks of the Week (#20)

Whew…  What a week here for me; but, I’ve managed to get out the Geek Squeaks’.  Geek Squeaks is a collection of articles, from the past week, by the authors (or site administrators) of blogs that are on my blogroll. If you want to “get up to speed” on the latest in technology, I encourage... Continue Reading →

JKDefrag now called MyDefrag

Most techs out there will relate to this when I say, JKDefrag is the ugly duckling of disk defragmentation and optimization utilities; BUT, in terms of function and getting the job done, it is the workhorse. Jeroen Kessels, the brainchild behind JKDefrag, recently announced with the release of Version 4.0 it has been renamed to... Continue Reading →

Panda Cloud Antivirus in Beta2

If  you are currently running the Beta1 version ( of Panda Cloud Antivirus on your PC you are most likely being alerted that it is set to expire.  You will be required to uninstall the Beta1 version prior to installing Beta 2 (Version  If during the uninstall process (especially on Windows XP) the uninstaller... Continue Reading →

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