FREE Online Virus and Malware Scanners

Listed are FREE online virus and malware scanners that can be used to compliment the scanner(s) already installed on your PC.  Some only scan individual files that you upload to the scanner; while others are full blown scanners that will scan your entire computer.  Keep in mind these are not substitutes for the virus or malware scanner on your PC that have the ability to perform real-time detection.  My favorite on the list is Trend Micro’s Housecall.


Virustotal is a service that analyzes suspicious files and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines.


Jotti’s malware scan is a free online service that enables you to scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs.


VirusChief offers a free service for online virus scan suspicious files (which *could* contain a computer virus) using several antivirus online virus scan engines.


Panda ActiveScan is an advanced online scanner based on Collective Intelligence (scanning in the cloud) that detects malware that traditional security solutions cannot detect.


Trend Micro HouseCall™ is an online application that scans, detects and cleans your computer of possible infection by viruses, spyware, or other malware.


Symantec Security Check tests your computer’s exposure to a wide range of online threats. It’s free and an effective tool that helps determine your Internet security needs.


The Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner scans your computer for malicious code and offers the same exceptional detection rates as other Kaspersky Lab products.


ESET Online Scanner is a user friendly, free and powerful tool which you can use to remove malware from any PC utilizing only your web browser without having to install anti-virus software.


F-Secure Online Scanner can help get rid of viruses and spyware causing problems on your PC.


BitDefender Online Scanner is an on-demand antivirus and antispyware tool that shows how safe your PC is.


McAfee FreeScan helps you detect thousands of viruses on your computer. FreeScan searches for viruses, including the latest known “in the wild” viruses, and displays a detailed list of any infected files.


If you discover a suspicious file on your machine, or suspect that a program you downloaded from the internet might be malicious you can scan it here.

image is a FREE on-line scan service, which checks uploaded files for malware, using antivirus engines, indicated in the VirSCAN list.


The CA Online Threat Scanner scans your computer for viruses and spyware and can detect malware threats from within your web browser.


Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is a free service designed to help ensure the health of your PC.


Avast! online virus scanner gives the possibility to check your files quickly and free of charge.


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24 thoughts on “FREE Online Virus and Malware Scanners

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  1. Great post Rick.

    It’s essential to have the use of online scanners as a backup as installed versions don’t always find what they should do.

    I frequently get users to scan with online scanners after completing a cleanup just to ensure that all is clean and tidy, and many knock Microsoft and OneCare, but it actually does a very good job of cleaning up.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks Rick for the great list, I put all of them in my little black book for future reference. I check your site a few times a day. I always find something to note.


  3. Cappydawg,

    All of these scanners are pretty good; AND, useful when your scanner at the local level is not functioning properly, as a result of a malware infection, etc…

    Thanks for the comment…



  4. Great article Rick! I also use Trend Micro when cleaning clients computers of viruses as a final cleaning. I just did one yesterday and Trend found 8 trojans/malware infections. The client had Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare for her antivirus.

    After seeing the infections, I’m not sure Window’s Live OneCare is ready for prime time. YMMV.


  5. G,

    I too, use Trend Micro from the list… A full scale, online scanner, for FREE!

    Microsoft needs to stick with their operating systems and forget antiviruses, etc… Since day one they have played in the “antivirus/antimalware arena” and have never had any success; except they give people a false since of security.

    Thanks for commenting!



  6. Rick,

    Great list and I have linked back to it, but I can’t agree with your comment on Microsoft’s security products.

    I am one of 70,000 beta testers for MS Security Essentials and in my view, and in the view of a number of test labs, this product excels at both protection and removal.

    Just as Microsoft has done a terrific job with Win 7, they have managed to develop a winner in Security Essentials.



    1. Bill,

      Thanks for your valuable comment. If you say it is good, THEN, it is good. I retract my previous comment about Microsoft and their attempts at security products. I really do think Microsoft has been making a turn-around with Windows 7, etc… As always, Thank you!



  7. Hey Rick,

    I have to agree with Bill on MS products. Previously their poor detection rates have given them a poor name, but I am also beta testing MSE and it’s a good all rounder for protection. I’ve compared it with IOBit Security 360 and Panda Cloud and Microsoft win hands down.

    With Security Essentials they have a winner and are also working alongside Alwil to ensure compatibility with Avast 5, also in Beta. Once fully released I’m sure that it will be a keeper for many users, plus it’s free 🙂


  8. What an awesome list Rick!
    Though I’m surprised that you included McAfee
    which, even though I’ve uninstalled (like so many others), its files refuses to vanish even with
    special erasing apps!
    More power to WOMP sir!


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