Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#30)

Thirty weeks of Geek Squeaks’ and going strong. I encourage the readers of this blog to visit each of the sites (blogs) that are listed below to learn more about information technology and computers. I am quite sure you will find something that will grab your attention.  Geek Squeaks’ is a weekly listing of random... Continue Reading →

You have to try out Stickies v7 beta…

Stickies (v6.7) is a FREE electronic version of “sticky notes” that you often see posted on people’s desk, computer monitors, refrigerators, etc…  I have been using Stickies on my PC (and thumb drive) to replace the accumulated paper mess that "sticky notes can lead to. Stickies is one of those programs that I personally cannot... Continue Reading →

Powerful Unit Converter for FREE

Converber is one of those utilities that you should have on your computer (or flash drive) for those instances where you have to make unit conversions.  Converber is a very powerful and feature enriched program that outshines the competition (see comparisons). Instantly get conversion results from one unit of measure to another unit of measure.... Continue Reading →

A FREE Utility to Analyze Your Disk Space

Analyzing and determining what files and/or folders are consuming hard drive space; and how much space is left at any given time is a difficult task for the everyday computer user. Learning such things as kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes is beyond the comprehensive level of many; HOWEVER, this is the naming convention that Windows... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#29)

Each week you have a lot to gain by visiting the sites and reading the articles that are compiled from the What’s On My PC… blogroll for Geek Squeaks’ of the Week.  The blog authors go to great strides to post articles on a regular basis, with the intent of helping others. Tech-for Everyone General... Continue Reading →

Break the Email Chain – Stop the Lies!

How many of you receive on a daily basis those “forward” emails, such as funnies, hoaxes, jokes, surveys, chain letters, prayer requests, fake virus warnings, surveys, petitions, political attacks, etc. ? Are we that gullible?  The answer is resoundingly, YES! I particularly like the ones where if you forward a prayer request to 10 people... Continue Reading →

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