Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#45)

If you are a person who has a passion (and obsession) for information technology and computers; then, you need to follow Geek Squeaks’.

Geek Squeaks’ is a weekly roundup of articles that have been produced by the bloggers (and site owners) who are associated with the What’s On My PC blogroll community. I endorse each one of these sites and encourage you to visit and bookmark them!


AKS-Feel The Change
Remove Start Button-Start Killer
How to Remove PCsSecure

Is a Awesome Screen Recording Tool
To Help Your Non Tech Savvy Friends

Plato On-Line
Would Jesus be Blogging Today?

Geeked Up
Using Magnets to Organize Your USB Cables

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Delete Stubborn Security Applications With Free AppRemover

thePC Security
Most Commonly Used Password List – Avoid It

Crazy World of G

DIY Monitor Shelf Stashes Peripherals Behind Your Monitor
Kingston SSDNow V+ SNV225-S2 solid state disk

Tech-for Everyone
Johnny Depp car crash death video leads to malware

Free PC Security
Avast 5 Plus Installation Guide

Android Operating System : Run Android on Your PC

Carputers News and Computers Tips
Another way to get SoftMaker Office 2008 free!

TTC Shelbyville
Speed up Taskbar Thumbnails in Windows 7

I Love Free Software
5 Best Free Screen Capture Software

Worthy Tips
Placefy – Let You Learn New Places Through Online Game

Backup your Online Accounts using Backupify!

Canadian Tech Blogger
Chrome Reaches Version 4 Stable

Internet Security Blog
Setting / Change Default Programs in Windows Computer – DPE

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
The Ribbon Interface, love it or hate it?

TuneUp Blog
How To: Change the Logon Screen in Windows 7

Big Geek Daddy
Free Software

What’s On My
PC Klondike Forever…


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4 Responses to Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#45)

  1. techpaul says:

    As always I thank you for including me in this wonderful compilation.


  2. Colin says:

    Hey rick,

    Many thanks for the inclusion among so many outstanding writers, it’s always an honor 🙂

    I encourage readers, and writers, to click the links and explore…there is something for everyone no matter what level of experience you have.


  3. Bill Mullins says:

    Hey Rick,

    I can tell it’s Wednesday, because I get to be a Geek Squeak. Every week I look forward to seeing which article you have chosen – it’s almost like opening a present! Always a terrific surprise.




  4. Ramblinrick says:

    TechPaul,Colin and Bill,

    When I hear “squeaks” from you three “geeks”; I know it is a good thing!

    As always it is a great pleasure to be associated with you all.



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