Search, Play and Bookmark Online Radio Stations with RadioTuna


RadioTuna is a cloud app that brings internet radio to your desktop via their online presence and easy to understand interface.  In the past I normally installed software on my PC to search for and bookmark my online stations; however, RadioTuna eliminates the need to do that.

The “cool factors” to RadioTuna are:

  • Can bookmark your stations (for future reference) that can be accessed anywhere there is internet access.
  • Album art is displayed as the songs are playing to enhance, not only the listening experience, but the visual experience, as well.
  • Very powerful internet radio search engine.

RadioTuna is the first real-time search engine for online radio, giving up-to-the-minute results relating to the music being played across the globe right now. If you search for an artist that happens to be playing right now, we’ll tell you and you can connect straight to that station. If your choice isn’t playing right now, we’ll tell you which stations are most likely to play them next.


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9 Responses to Search, Play and Bookmark Online Radio Stations with RadioTuna

  1. T3CK says:

    Hey Rick, this is a great find thanks for posting about it I have bookmarked the site for future use. 🙂


  2. techpaul says:

    Just wanna ‘ditto’ what T3CK said.
    (And.. you scooped me again..)


  3. […] encourage you to check out the article and the rest of his site you won’t leave the website without feeling full from all his […]


  4. T3CK says:

    Hey Rick, just encase you didn’t get the ping from my site I wrote up a short reblogged article to point my readers to this article here is the link to the article I wrote up.


  5. Nice web app. I love web apps and love to test it always. Thanks for this info Rick.


  6. […] nearly a year and half. As a matter of fact I did a blog post on Radio Tuna back in January 2010 [ CLICK HERE ] […]


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