A Grab Bag Selection of GREAT Online Computer Games

I recently went on the hunt for some online (cloud based) computer games. As you well know, there are numerous online gaming sites; however, most are laden with numerous advertisements and questionable tactics to draw you in. What I was looking for were individualized and specialized games that you play in your web browser (in a full screen or near full screen mode), that would make you stand back in awe, and did not require an online account.

Windows 7 card game Icon

Reflected below are links to the sites for the games that I was able to locate. If you know of other online games, that meets the criteria I have indicated, by all means share them with us by commenting below. You will notice I have not provided any description for the games. This is like a grab bag; reach in, click on the links, and be surprised.

Get The Glass

3D Future Ops 4: First Strike

Gravity Master


Matter: Online Tangram

Quest For The Rest

Space Shuttle: Online Flight Simulator


First Person Tetris

World of Solitaire

FlashChess III

Crystal Galaxy



Cost Cutter

Free Crossword Puzzles

Jigsaw Online


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6 Responses to A Grab Bag Selection of GREAT Online Computer Games

  1. pochp says:

    Great Rick!
    I”m sure one of these games will be a favorite.


  2. That’s an awesome share

    Thanks 🙂


  3. techpaul says:

    Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick.. In these troubled times, we’re supposed to be “buckling down”, and “increasing our compete-ivity-iness”, and being more “fiscally productive”, and building habitats for humanity, and .. wait.. space shuttle simulator? Nevermind. Bye.
    Joking aside for a minute, thanks for this!


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