Help Develop a Web of Trust

The biggest downfall of the internet is that it has provided a haven for the criminal element (organized crime) that will literally do a virtual “drive-by” of your PC  (if you let it) and rob you of your money and your pride. As with any crime, the criminal looks for opportunity; and in the case... Continue Reading →

A Great PORTABLE Calculator for FREE

Need a calculator for your flash drive (or computer) that is FREE, looks nice, continues to improve and is powerful?  Then look no further…  My “go to” calculator on my PC (and flash drive) is the free version of ESBCalc. ESBCalc is a Freeware Scientific Calculator for Windows with Infix Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions (Trigonometric,... Continue Reading →

Welcome Paul’s Home Computing Blog

To my readers and fellow bloggers… Bill Mullins’ at Tech Thoughts put me onto a new blog called Paul’s Home Computing Blog. Now, when Bill alerts you to something, I have learned as a fellow blogger, to take notice. My ears become alert and what’s left of my tail, starts wagging… Paul’s Home Computing Blog,... Continue Reading →

Universal Extractor Updated After 2 Year Hiatus

If you are into testing software or need a good application that has the ability to extract files from almost “any type of archive” (including install files, windows installer files, etc.) then Universal Extractor is a must have application. Often during my testing of the smaller software apps, that are packaged installers, I will run... Continue Reading →

Can Now Drag Images Into Gmail

You can now drag an image from your computer into Gmail…  More details [ HERE ] . The new feature does not require any additional plugins. Currently, the feature only works in Google Chrome, but will be coming soon to other browsers.  So keep your eye on this. Another example of Google moving us toward... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#59)

Have you ever noticed that the world of information technology and computers is forever changing?  If you are looking for a way to keep up; then you need to book mark these sites.  Each week What’s On My PC features random (recently posted) articles (called Geek  Squeaks’) from the members of the What’s On My... Continue Reading →

FREE Instant Data and Recovery Kit

During my research and testing of Paragon’s FREE edition of Backup and Recovery I happened to notice that they also have available for FREE, a Rescue Kit. To use the FREE Rescue Kit, you must acquire a registration (serial # and product key) from  [ HERE ] . This may sound like a hassle to... Continue Reading →

FREE Disk Imaging, Backup and Recovery Software

Paragon, a software development leader for over 15 years has available for non-commercial use (at home) a powerful disk imaging (backup) and recovery package (for FREE) called Paragon Backup and Recovery. “Smart people backup; Backup & Recovery is smart backup.” With Paragon Backup and Recovery you can create a backup image of an entire hard... Continue Reading →

A Control Pad for your Netbook (or Notebook)

If you are a netbook or notebook computer owner, you well know that navigating the keyboard and touchpad can be a challenge at times; especially when it comes to launching your applications from the Windows Start Menu. One solution that I use on my Netbook to launch my programs is a software application called ControlPad.... Continue Reading →

Turn Your Blog Into a PDF Book

Steve over at TTC Shelbyville has outdone himself on telling us how and where you can “Make Your WordPress Blog Into a Book”.  What Steve is referring to is the web based (online) FREE service called BlogBooker. What is this ? BlogBooker produces a high-quality PDF Blog Book from all your blog's entries and comments.... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#58)

If you have an obsession for information technology and computers, then I encourage you to become a regular subscriber of the sites listed below.  To whet your appetite, What’s On My PC randomly selects each week recent articles that have been composed by the authors who are members of the What’s On My PC blogroll. Bill... Continue Reading →

TuneUp Utilities 2010 License Giveaway

To the readers of my blog, make sure you visit Tech-for Everyone and enter for a chance to receive one of the licenses that Tech Paul has available for TuneUp Utilities 2010.  TuneUp Utilities is a very reputable, well known, maintenance utility that is designed to keep your PC in tip top shape.  Do not... Continue Reading →

Make An Exact Copy of Your Hard Drive

One of the most frustrating moments for any computer user is when your computer has crashed, all else has failed to work, and you forgot to make the restoration CDs (or DVDs) that came with your PC. The restoration CD (or DVD) option is your last ditch solution to fixing your PC when all else... Continue Reading →

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