Are you spending 60 hours a month online?

Did you know that Americans spend an average of 60 hours per month online? If you took 60 hours x 12 months that is equivalent to 720 hours. Divide that 720 hours by 24 hours and we have 30 days that we Americans are online, per year…  That is one month a year, on average, we are sitting behind that computer screen.

This and other stats are from an interesting post, at Visual Economics, about “How The World Spends Its Time Online” … These surprising usage statistics are statistics from Nielsen and Pew Research Center. Visual Economics has taken the stats and posted them in a very snazzy poster type interface [ HERE ] .


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2 Responses to Are you spending 60 hours a month online?

  1. Bill Mullins says:


    I have no problem believing these stats. Both my back, and my butt, totally agree.:)


  2. Ramblinrick says:


    I figure we’re spending a couple of months behind that screen…


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