Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#68)

If you are a person who has a passion for computers and information technology, then I encourage you to bookmark each of the sites listed below.  You will find no better resources!

Geek Squeaks'

Awesome Wallpapers
Space/Fantasy Wallpaper Set 32

My Technology Guide
How To Disable Flash Completely In Google Chrome?

Shutdown Timer : Shutdown or Logoff based on system events

Carputers News and Computer Tips
DevVicky Word 2010 – a very capable free word processor

TTC Shelbyville
PingER Shows Internet Connectivity

404 Tech Support
Ask 404TS: From My Experiences, Tips on Starting a Website

I Love Free Software
Speed Launch – Free Application Launching Tool

Netbook Freeware
High Quality Photo Resizer:
Best Free Photo Resize App for Your Netbook

Worthy Tips
Create Windows 7 bootable USB drive using Windows 7 SBB Tool

Paul’s Home Computing Blog
Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems:
The UPS and Downs of Power

Chicago Mac/PC Support
You Are Not Your Phone

Laptop Reviews Central
Toshiba unveils thinner and muscular laptop

Asus Eee PC 1005PX With Bevy Colors

Mister Reiner
Why anti-malware software doesn’t always work

Free PC Security
Malicious Sites July 11

Web Sites, Internet, Software Tips and Reviews
Gmail Adds Rich Text Signatures

Tech-for Everyone
Software License Giveaway: Sandboxie
Best of two years

Windows 7 SP1 Beta Available for Download—
If You’re an IT Worker

TuneUp Blog about Windows
Styling Windows Vista (Part 2): How to Change the Visual Style

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Beginning Blogging. 1. Let’s make a start on Blogger.

ClipMan: Open Source Clipboard Utility

Carol’s Vault
SoftKey Revealer – find your computer’s keys
How to Remove Earth AV

Plato On-Line
Panic Button: Facebook Concedes

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Time To Surf Without Windows? Is Ubuntu The Answer?

Right On Technology
Firefox 4 Beta Download Arrives With New Facelift

thePC Security
Password Security Policy Tip – Write Down Your Password

Recharge your Prepaid Mobile/DTH Subscription Online

What’s On My PC
New Website –


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9 Responses to Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#68)

  1. Bill Mullins says:

    Thanks Rick.

    I very much appreciate all the work you do, putting together this terrific compilation.



  2. techpaul says:

    I have to echo Bill (above). I understand the effort it takes to assemble this list each week (thank you for including me in!) and I hope folks will take advantage of these great, free, learning opportunities.

    As always, a tip of my Geek hat to you sir.


  3. Rick,
    Thanks again for including my article in this thoughtful list. BTW, congratulations on your new site. I’ve already added it to my blogroll.


    • Ramblinrick says:


      Thank you for keeping the course with your blog. It is a great blog…

      Also, thank you on the new site ( I have made your blog name standout on the site and is today’s featured site.



  4. straw000 says:

    thanks again for the link!!


  5. wildanr says:

    for me, the one from Snakebytez is the best among other collection. I have been searching this kind of tutorial for sooooo long. Thx for the collection! 😀


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