Perform A Search Times Two With Goog-A-WHO?

If you are someone that is a search engine junkie and knows how to use the top search engines to get results, then you are going to like “Goog-A-WHO?” .


“Goog-A-WHO?” is a web based search tool (not a search engine) that allows you to enter your query (or search term) one time, just like a search engine; however, once you click the button to “double your search” the end result is phenomenal. Your search results are presented instantly from Google and another search engine at random, side-by-side (in a dual pane interface). If you are like me, and have a widescreen monitor, this type of dual pane interface really takes advantage of my widescreen monitor by using the entire space of the monitor to present me with more information.

For example, to see “Goog-A-Who?” in action, with a search for, What’s On My PC, click [ HERE ] .

Googawho does its best to provide you with the fastest way to compare ALL of the internet’s top search engines with just one search on just one page!

Goog-A-WHO? does not stop there. Once your search results are up, you can now manipulate your search results by viewing results from eight other top search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, InfoSpace, AltaVista, Lycos, and Dogpile). Now how cool is that! Plus, you can go full screen with any of the search engines by clicking on the small “load engine full screen” button.

Screenshot - Goog-A-Who

“Goog-A-WHO?” also takes advantage of the tabbed browser interface with a button called a “Tabulizer”.  Click on the Tabulizer and your search results will be opened by all eight search engines in their own separate tabs.

My opinion, this web based search tool, “Goog-A-WHO?”,  is a keeper and a must for anyone who is a search engine junkie.


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7 Responses to Perform A Search Times Two With Goog-A-WHO?

  1. Naomi says:

    Thank you for goog-a-who, I will be using it now that I know of it. You keep me constantly informed and I appreciate all that you do.

    FYI – There is a problem with one of the links to goog-a-who on your blog, it is the link to the image

    Thanxxxxxxxx again for everything.


    • Ramblinrick says:


      Thank you, thank you, thank you… The link you pointed out was in fact down and has been corrected.

      Also, your comment in general is one of the reasons I love blogging (because of nice people, like YOU!).



  2. John says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for that great little find, that will help with my studies no end.



  3. IzaakMak says:

    This is awesome! Thanks Rick.


  4. Great site. I immediately decided Google was a better search engine, not because of the quantity of hits, but the quality (er, that #1 hit is a winner).


  5. […] have featured other combo search engines like Panabee and Goog-a-who, where the search results are displayed in a side-by-side (dual pane) interface using a variety of […]


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