Learn About eBooks and eReaders vs. Kindle

Tech Paul at Tech-for Everyone put up an article this morning that brings into perspective all this hype about ebooks, eReaders and the Kindle.  Do you really need these eReader devices? To check out his article, “eBooks and eReaders – There is more than Kindle, you know”.  visit Tech-for Everyone [CLICK HERE] . post to... Continue Reading →

YouTube Movie: First Orbit

YouTube (and Google) continue to raise the bar when it comes to online video content. Typically, it features a repository of short video clips and now they are working toward featuring longer, higher-quality video content on its website. Google, which owns YouTube, plans to invest millions into developing “original content”. On that note, YouTube is... Continue Reading →

Wallpaper of the Week (#12)

This is actually a downloadable image of a red fox that is absolutely breathtaking that can be used as a wallpaper background. The image, "Simply Red" by Skia, is posted on the deviantART web site and can be downloaded from [HERE] or by clicking on the image below.  I cannot get over the detail of... Continue Reading →

Beware of Sending Money in the Name of Love

If you are looking for love using the online dating and social services, BEWARE! The cybercriminal, posing as your Romeo or Juliet, may in fact be in it for the money. According the to Federal Trade Commission, scammers, using fake and very convincing profiles, will often use these services to lure those seeking companionship to... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeak (#109): Q-Dir File Manager

Q-Dir File Manager is worthy of Geek Squeak #109 for its’ continued development cycle that is making this multi-panel file manager one of the best out there. If you are looking for a Windows Explorer replacement that requires no installation, then Q-Dir is the one to go with. The ability to understand and manage your... Continue Reading →

Wallpaper of the Week (#11)

Here on the east coast of the U.S., spring time has been slow coming. To help get us in the spring time mood, this wallpaper is a picture of a green meadow backed by a blue partially cloudy sky.  What I like about this wallpaper is the depth. To get this wallpaper, [CLICK HERE] or... Continue Reading →

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