In the very near future you will spend more time talking to your phone than using your phone to talk to other people…

Steve over at Scoroncocolo contacted me about an article he posted that may be of great interest to all you smartphone users. The article is about smartphone voice recognition featuring the Siri, the iPhone 4s "personal assistant". Siri on iPhone 4s is one of the most incredible innovations in modern computing technology. This is another... Continue Reading →

Wallpaper of the Week (#45)

To check out some of the coolest pieces of artwork, make sure you visit Vladstudio. This week’s wallpaper features a Vladstudio creation called Jellyfish. To Get This Wallpaper – [ CLICK HERE ] Browse for wallpapers from previous weeks, [CLICK HERE] Windows 7 Users: If you are using Windows 7, did you know you can... Continue Reading →

Analyze The Speed of Your Web Site

When you are maintaining a web site it is important that page loads are fast so that your visitors will keep coming back. Recently on my website I made the decision to revamp the design of the site and the reason for the revamping was that the page loads were just too slow. Using... Continue Reading →

Colorize Your Folders In Windows Explorer

I am big into file management and as a result I am often working in Windows Explorer (or Q-Dir) quite frequently. Windows Explorer displays the hierarchical structure of files, folders, and drives on your computer. It also shows any network drives that have been mapped to drive letters on your computer. Using Windows Explorer, you... Continue Reading →

Wallpaper of the Week (#44)

This week I featured a blog post about ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot; so, I thought it would be neat to post a wallpaper image of ASIMO that you can use as a wallpaper background. To Get ASIMO [ CLICK HERE ] Browse for wallpapers from previous weeks, [CLICK HERE] Windows 7 Users:... Continue Reading →

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