Now This Is Off Topic – I Think

I know this is a Tech Blog, where we are to be focused on computers, technology, gadgets, software and all of that good stuff; BUT, and I mean BUT, there are those occasions when we need to think outside the computer box. This is one of those occasions where I absolutely was laughing my butt off…

I am sure most of you have seen those “AS SEEN ON TV” products.  As a matter of fact, in my local mall there is a store devoted to the “AS SEEN ON TV” products. Today, in my hunt for information technology news I came across some technology advancements that made it to “AS SEEN ON TV”.

After looking at the images below, I will let your imagination take hold. After your imagination has painted that picture in your demented mind, I then want you to [CLICK HERE] to see these marvels of innovation AND what they are really all about.

P. S. I actually was laughing the entire time I was writing this and it is not even April Fools !




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6 Responses to Now This Is Off Topic – I Think

  1. techpaul says:

    I remember when I saw that ad for the first time..

    .. and I guess it’s true, eh? Necessity is the mother of all invention?


  2. Bill Mullins says:


    I wonder what that golfer’s wife thinks of her man when he can hold IT – like it was a piece of string,

    LMAO – and then some. 🙂



  3. kewsmith says:

    My friend’s family did a Christmas gift exchange with ‘as seen on tv’ gifts. I had no idea what was out there. Disturbing. Nice post.


  4. delenn13 says:

    The scary part is…. the people who buy/invent these things live among us and vote and drive..


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