A Free Replacement for the Windows Uninstaller

I have found that the everyday computer user often struggles with the program uninstaller that is built into Microsoft Windows. I have also found that the program uninstaller that is built into Microsoft Windows has a residual effect to it and does not perform an in-depth scan to completely remove all files, folders or registry items. In essence it sort of serves as a launcher that points to the uninstaller that may be associated with any particular program.

There are several third party uninstallers out there that specialize in the in-depth removal of software on a Windows based computer, with one of my favorites being RevoUninstaller.  Recently I noticed a new kid on the block, called GeekUninstaller, that appears to be developing a good following.


Geek Uninstaller, I found was very fast, easy to use, and proved to meet the criteria for aggressively removing software from the computer (to include leftover files, folders and registry items).


With Geek Uninstaller you can select a program item on the list and determine where the program is installed, determine registry references, go to the programs website, and force an uninstall (for broken programs). Another plus to Geek Uninstaller is that it is one single file that can be carried and run directly from your flash drive.

Another feature that I personally took to, is that if you click on the “File” menu, there is an option to “Export to html” that gives you the ability to generate a listing of the programs you currently have installed on your PC. A listing such as this is a good reference to keep available in the event you need to reinstall the operating system on your PC. If you’re in your mid 50’s like me, I can’t remember what I did yesterday, let alone the software titles on my pc.



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18 Responses to A Free Replacement for the Windows Uninstaller

  1. techpaul says:

    New to me. I’ll be checking it out.

    And thanks for the linkback!


  2. John says:

    Hi Rick,

    Looks like a good one I have just taken it for a spin. It indeed is fast!



  3. maxlehmann says:

    Tried this, wasn’t impressed. Used it to uninstall two programs I’ve had for awhile and it failed to remove the folders in the start menu, which you’d think any program of this type would have no problem finding and removing.. Maybe it is only exception, and of course it is only my opinion 😉
    Best Luck!


  4. Peter Lee says:

    Appreciate the mention, Rick!


  5. Datenrettung says:

    Will that really clean up every little bit of the software or are there leftovers?


  6. Jack says:

    just LOVVVVVE Portable Iobit Uninstaller..


  7. Rain says:

    I’ll definitely check on this one. thanks for the info


  8. Rick,

    Not in the same league as Advanced Uninstaller Pro (free).



  9. Reblogged this on TTC Shelbyville – Technical Blog and commented:
    Excellent post at What’s On My PC.


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