9 Responses to Are You Forwarding Hate Email As A Political Propaganda Tool?

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  2. Bill Mullins says:

    Bravo Rick,

    Couldn’t agree more – ” it is almost like a form of terrorism to discredit our leaders, our country and the very beliefs our country was founded on”.

    Vitriol is hardly new in American politics. But, the intensity of the poison this time around is beyond precedent – at least in modern times. It seems that the dirty tricks come with no strings attached. Sober debate on actual issues has been all but drowned out.

    The U.S. is such a progressive country in so many ways, but not when it comes to politics.



    • Ramblinrick says:


      Glad to hear from you. You are so right.. “the intensity of the poison this time around is beyond precedent”… It is actually shameful. Stick me in a cage and poke a stick at me and I’ll get more out of that than what I am witnessing today in politics…

      Again, glad to hear from you…



  3. techpaul says:

    Great article. I hope it gets many reads, and “forwarded” to the people most in need of seeing it.

    (And thank you for the referral!)


    • Ramblinrick says:


      I truly wish people would listen, but they don’t (when it comes to anything, anymore). Very frustrating… I truly worry about our future generations.



      • techpaul says:

        I have discovered that I have no reason to listen. If I think I don’t already know something, I can just quickly “google it”.

        And, I wouldn’t worry about future generations. They’ll have chips implanted in them (and GPS) and in their eyewear and cloths that will make them super smart.


  4. Rick,
    Great article. There also seems to be a push, especially by the republican candidates, to flood Facebook with posts. I guess the electronic age of campaigning has been put into full swing. However, it will all be over in November.


    • Ramblinrick says:


      Thank you… Yes, the electronic campaigning is on and the manner which it is conducted is unethical in my book AND yes November will be the telltale result. No matter who the President is, I was brought up to respect my leaders.



  5. James T Cook says:

    NOTE: This comment was edited to due to the nature and content of the comment; however, does provide an example of what was conveyed in the article.

    XXXX you democratic obama XXXX loving jerkoffs you must all be foreigners are XXXX obama should be hung for doing america wrong dam XXXX muslim XXXX


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