Is Your Computer Usage Harming You?

My mother always told me that if you consume too much of anything, it is bound to cause you harm. The same goes when we indulge ourselves in too much computer time. We can suffer chronic pain from poor ergonomics, develop mush brain from too much multi-tasking, develop blue light insomnia, get fat from lack... Continue Reading →

Wallpaper of the Week (#97)

With Christmas coming upon us, I could not pass up posting this wallpaper. It looks absolutely gorgeous on a widescreen monitor. To Get This Wallpaper – [ CLICK HERE ] Windows 7 Users: If you are using Windows 7, did you know you can create a desktop background slideshow to show off your pictures and... Continue Reading →

The Easy Way To Close A Windows 8 App

As I mentioned in an earlier article, I never had any “hands-on” experience with Windows 8 until it was officially released by Microsoft back in October. I intentionally did this so that I would have that first time user experience (and challenge); like most of you will have. As I continue to “find my way”... Continue Reading →

Wallpaper of the Week (#96)

Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the way and along with these holidays is snow. Here is a really nice detailed wallpaper of a squirrel in a snow bound pine tree. This image would also make for a nice Christmas card. To Get This Wallpaper – [ CLICK HERE ] Windows 7 Users: If you are... Continue Reading →

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