EmailThis – Email Web Pages (ad-free) To Your Inbox

As part of my ongoing project of using a Gmail account to create a customized note-taking app (see full article here) I started exploring ways that I could send stuff to the account (like you can with other note-taking apps). What I discovered was EmailThis that works as a Google Chrome extension and will work with other browsers through a bookmarklet. I found that it does not work with sites behind a login; however, works the great majority of the time by stripping out the ads and presenting the final product (in an email) that can be easily read. Perfect for what I was looking for.

EmailThis will remove ads & distractions from the page and send you a beautifully formatted email with just the text and images. You can read the email anytime you like, anywhere you like – on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


SOURCE: EmailThis

5 Responses to EmailThis – Email Web Pages (ad-free) To Your Inbox

  1. jmagnone says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    I have been using Pocket and PushBullet in my Chrome browser to achieve something like this. But instead of sending by email, the web pages are saved into their respectives accounts.


    • Ramblinrick says:


      I love Pocket and use it to harvest ideas for blog articles. Pushbullet I used for quite awhile until they started restricting features on the free accounts.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas.



  2. carmicheals says:

    Been using this for a while:


  3. drhow says:

    I am struck by the inefficiency of sending the web page content when you could have sent a link to the page. Some folks use email servers which limit how much storage can be used. I have a button in Firefox which automates sending the link for a page via gmail.


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