Has anyone tried the Nox App Player (Android Emulator for Windows / Mac)?

I discovered Nox App Player on FreewareFiles and it has me interested; however, if anyone out there has installed this, I would be interested in knowing what their experience was. The Nox App Player is a 277MB install and serves as an Android Emulator. What that means is, if you install Nox App Player you can install and run Android apps on your Windows based computer through the emulator.

Although there are several programs providing an Android environment on PC, it is difficult to get a complete Android experience using the traditional emulators. However, Nox App Player provides an interface that looks like an actual Android device in all ways. The intuitive emulator is based on Android 4.4.2 and compatible with both AMD and x86 systems.

Screenshot for: Nox App Player

SOURCE: FreewareFiles – Nox App Player 

2 Responses to Has anyone tried the Nox App Player (Android Emulator for Windows / Mac)?

  1. MarkGreenwald64 says:

    It’s malware disguised as an android emulator. They steal accounts and CC numbers and send them off to China. You can easily confirm this by googling around. Use Bluestacks instead. They released Bluestacks 3 recently and they are a Silicon Valley company with big tech investors.


    • Ramblinrick says:


      Send me some links on this… Would make for a good blog article. I am familiar with Bluestacks. This one caught my eye and had me wondering about it.



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