In The Market For A Smartphone? Here is my recommendation that will save you a lot of money…

Purchased this phone (see full article below) at Amazon at a much reduced price ($299 down to $224.99)…

Moto G Plus (5th Generation)
Lunar Gray – 64 GB / 4GB Model – Unlocked

So far a great mid-range phone that competes with the top players (like iPhone, Samsung, etc…).  I went with the 64GB / 4GB model. I now have tons of space and good processing speed with the increased 4GB RAM. Keep an eye on Amazon and you will see this phone fluctuate in price; especially, with the Holiday deals on the horizon. Best mid-range phone that I have owned, so far…

What's On My PC

In the market for a smartphone? Difficult decision to make and can be worse than shopping for a car. As smartphones continue to evolve, I am learning more and more; however, I am finding it is really not much different than shopping for a laptop or desktop computer. In reality, these smartphones are our computers in our pockets and have become an extension of our physical presence.

Like computers, there are specific hardware (and software) components to look for; such as the processor; the RAM (random access memory); the operating system (Android, iOS, etc); the display (LCD or Oled); the camera (single lens, dual lens, megapixels, etc…); and, the big one, the battery life. Typically, I shoot for a good mid-range phone and an example of that is the Motorola (Lenovo) Moto G Plus. Now, there is another “G” model that is out there (that I am looking at) and…

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