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As a blogger and reviewer of tech products, I often receive emails from developers promoting their products. Recently I received an email from a developer called PearlMountain, that specializes in graphic design software, requesting I take a look at an online web app that they have put together called “DesignCap Poster Maker”. Ironically, as some of you may know from some of my past blog postings, I have been messing around with a Google Chromebook, which is dependent of online web applications; and, that I have been on the hunt for applications, such as the “DesignCap Poster Maker”.

So far, from what I have tested out, this application is a keeper. I have been looking for an online app to make posters and signs and so far this one is the best one yet. You can create a poster from scratch or by using one of the numerous templates provided to get started. You can add photos, text, clipart, and backgrounds (in layers), with ease.  For example, below is a poster I put together, in a matter of minutes, using this application.


Some Highlights:

* Hundreds of fully customizable templates.
* Thousands of resources: a wide variety of stock photos, clipart images, shapes, fonts, and backgrounds.
* Powerful editing tools.
* Free and easy to use.

DesignCap’s poster maker allows anyone to create custom posters with lots of templates, clipart, and fonts, etc. in minutes, no advanced graphic skills needed. Try it for free now!

SOURCE: Free Online Poster Maker, Create Your Own Stunning Posters – DesignCap

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