Software Selection for 07/29/2019 – NirLauncher 1.22.19

NirLauncher 1.22.19

Source: Major Geeks

NirLauncher is a suite of all the tools from NirSoft. Currently, it has over 200 tools wrapped into this one package. NirLauncher is a suite of tools that are intended to make your daily computer use easier. Tools include; password recovery, network monitors, the ability to view Web Browser info (like cookies and cache), to file search and more. [License: Freeware | Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP | Size: 28.8 MB ]

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2 thoughts on “Software Selection for 07/29/2019 – NirLauncher 1.22.19

  1. Avast detected threat when trying to download Nirlauncher. “We’ve moved dialupass.exe to your Virus Chest because it was infected with Win32:Trojan-gen”! File path: C:\Users\home\Download nirsoft_package_enc_1.22.19\NirSoft\dialupass.exe IS THIS PROGRAM SAFE???


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