“Desktop vs. Microsoft Store Apps: Which Should You Download?”

by Ben Stagner @ MakeUseOf

What caught my eye in this article, by Ben Stagner @ MakeUseOf (see source link below) is that “many apps are available as both “traditional desktop apps” and modern apps in the Microsoft Store. I want to research this more to determine how many “traditional desktop apps” are actually promoted and how are they channeled to your computer if you select a “traditional desktop app”. Typically, “traditional desktop apps” are in a format where an “exe” (executable) is launched to install and to launch the software. I have found that the apps in the Microsoft Store are often large in file size compared to the “traditional desktop apps”. I would love to see Microsoft set up a store, similar to Google Play, that would serve as the gatekeeper to software applications for Windows. It would help improve security (I think)… Good article on Ben’s part… Rick @ What’s On My PC

Microsoft Store Platform Availability

Should you get your Windows apps from the Microsoft Store, or use traditional desktop programs? Here are the main differences.

Source: Read More @ MakeUseOf

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