Five Comprehensive Lists of Uninstallers (removal tools) For Common Windows Antivirus and Malware Software Products

After a conversation with a seasoned tech on the What’s On My PC Facebook page about our thoughts on Antivirus Software, for which we decided is the biggest scam in the industry, I went on the hunt to find antivirus and malware uninstallers. Why? Most people at home do not know that these antivirus and malware software installations are very comprehensive in their very nature and are not the same as installing or uninstalling normal software. Also, a common practice I have seen, as well as the tech on Facebook I was conversing with, the home-based computer user will often let a subscription run out and then install another antivirus product right on top of the other. This is a big “NO NO”; unless the antivirus or malware product you intend to install specifically states that their product can co-exist with another. Installing another antivirus or malware product on top of another will cause problems to surface and will slow down your computer.

It is important that any previously installed antivirus or Malware software is uninstalled from your system before installing another product. Typical uninstallation using the Windows removal tools (Add/Remove Programs) is often not enough to completely clean your computer.

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This is where this list of uninstallers comes into play. Typically if you have a specific product installed that you want to uninstall, you would go to the products web site and locate their uninstaller. The problem I have experienced with this is that they bury the uninstaller in the site, making it difficult to locate because they don’t want to lose you as a paying customer.

To help eliminate this issue, I researched and found five comprehensive lists of links to uninstallers (see source links below) for nearly every product out there that will link you to the site(s) to get the uninstaller you need. On most of these lists, you simply find the product you want to uninstall on the list, click the link… If what you find does not work, you will need to go to your products website and find a current uninstaller or instructions to perform an uninstall.

Source #1: Uninstallers (removal tools) for common Windows antivirus software—ESET Knowledgebase

Source #2: Removal tools (uninstall tools) for common antivirus software – BitDefender

Source #3: List of anti-malware product removal tools – Microsoft

Source #4: List of Antivirus removal tools or uninstallers

Source #5: 19 Official Antivirus Uninstallers – Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee Removal Tools

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