Facebook and Politics: Don’t Be A Lemming (believe nothing, verify everything, don’t spread false information)

“Believe Nothing, Verify Everything, Don’t Spread It”… People are like lemmings and will believe and follow anything… The social networks, in conjunction with foreign adversaries (enemies), have used these platforms to incite people by posting “false” sensitive topics in regards to 2nd amendment rights, abortion, social security, religion, race, party affiliation, etc.. that has caused the current divisive thinking in the United States. In other words, Facebook is and was used as a propaganda platform by foreign enemies. If you see these sorts of postings, avoid spreading them because the enemy wants you to spread these things so that there is chaos, hate, and divisiveness.

Much of what you read during the last election cycle on Facebook was posted through Russian infiltration and to this day it is still occurring. Dirty Politicians had done the same, as well, and now Facebook has given the official green light for them (the dirty politicians) to do so again (see source link at the end of this post).

Don’t be a lemming, “Believe Nothing, Verify Everything” via reputable sources. What you see on Facebook or any of the social network platforms should be checked and verified. For God’s Sake, don’t spread it if you can’t verify it. Don’t let it get under your skin; and, one way to do that is by blocking the sources entirely. If you must post your political thoughts, set up a Facebook group or another page for that purpose only.

Why Facebook can’t stop politicians from lying |The Verge

As of this week, though, that policy comes with an asterisk. As Judd Legum reported this week in his newsletter, Popular Information, Facebook is now exempting political figures from this policy. If a political candidate or party wants to run a Facebook ad announcing that their rival is a lizard person, they now have an open lane to do so.

Facebook’s new rules let politicians lie in their ads. It’s bad, but asking Facebook to regulate political speech is worse…

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2 thoughts on “Facebook and Politics: Don’t Be A Lemming (believe nothing, verify everything, don’t spread false information)

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  1. Such smart advice. Can’t we just be writers (or geeks) without being lectured to about politics? I regularly block people who spew hate–too often, another word for politics these days!

    I really like, Rick, that I can’t tell where you are on the political spectrum. I don’t want to know either. It has nothing to do with why I enjoy your blog. Well done!


    1. Thank you Jacqui for your wisdom and comments… I remember many years ago I attended a computer repair class. The instructor, many times, stated: “believe nothing, verify everything”. Even though those words were focused on the repair of computers, I never forgot those words. Those same words, “believe nothing, verify everything” apply now more than ever. I have found, through helping people with their computers, they will believe anything that is visual and will believe anything they read and see on the internet (especially social networking sites). Our foreign enemies took advantage of our gullibility and the deep-seated opinions we all have and used that as a weapon to get into people’s heads. The end result is division and chaos. No bullets are ever fired. The enemy sits back to see where it all lands. We need to educate people to be prepared for the enemy. They will be back…

      Again, Thank you!


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