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Hello and welcome to “What’s On My PC…”

I am a “young at heart” retiree with a background as a security/police officer professional and as an information technology specialist. I have an obsession for information technology, computers and software (especially freeware).  I am self-taught in information technology and spend hours trolling the internet for anything that exercises and feeds my mind.  I decided to post a blog to share information and events in my life. This blog is primarily devoted towards my friends and family.  It is my intention to post to this site on a regular basis, so please visit frequently.

Myself, my wife and our cat, Emma Faith Clementine, lead a “complex-free” life…  The picture you see above, is of me following my retirement. I am gray, just hanging around, foraging for food, staying up late at night,  and enjoying life. As you notice, my nose is pink, which is a sign of “good health”.  I have “no complaints“.  God has been good to me.

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