Nice Listing Of Chromebook Apps

If you are a Chromebook user, you are probably looking for apps to install; especially, if your Chromebook can handle Android Apps. After some research, I found the following article at Computerworld (from 2017) that is still very relevant and current in the recommendations. Many of these apps I have installed on my Chromebook and ... Continue Reading →

Hey Android Users… Here are the Google Play Awards 2018 winners as revealed by Android Authority…

Android Authority, one of my favorite "go to" Android news sites, has published the winners for the 2018 running of the Google Play Awards. Here is the full list of winners, along with their Play Store links: Best Accessibility Experience – Be My Eyes (free) Best AR or VR Experience – BBC Earth: Life in VR (free) Standout Startup – Canva (free) Best... Continue Reading →

New Design Coming To Gmail

Been reading this everywhere in the tech news about the new design coming to Gmail, with some cool and really sensible features. Follow the source link below to learn more about this (with screenshots) at Ars Technica. Red alert, people! Gmail is being redesigned. Google sent out an email to G Suite administrators warning them... Continue Reading →

Android | Paid Apps Going Free

Just added a feed on the "Downloads" page,  from Ubuntu Vibes, that features paid Android apps that have gone free for a limited time on the Google Play Store. I have personally found some good apps, that typically you have to pay for, by going through Ubuntu Vibes. Below is a sampling of the feed,... Continue Reading →

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