Opera Mini on my Blackberry

If you are looking for a decent web browser for your Blackberry or your web capable smartphone, then take a look at Opera Mini & Opera Mobile . The Opera Mini browser has been specifically engineered and developed with the mobile phone user in mind. The browser interface is elegantly designed and is engineered to... Continue Reading →

Become a Blackberry Pocket Cop

Baltimore City, MD Police Department, using Federal Stimulus money, is issuing  Blackberry devices to every patrol officer. Since I am a Blackberry owner I found this article quite intriguing. Definitely a 21st Century concept that just may be the beginning to a trend nationwide.  There are positives reflected in this story, as well as negatives.... Continue Reading →

A FREE “Must Have” App for your Blackberry

UPDATE (8/30/2009): The author of  the BBFileScout file manager software, for the Blackberry, has changed the name to just “FileScout”.  The content and information in this article remain the same. I hope you had the opportunity to read my article "How to use a Blackberry Smartphone with a cheap “Pay As You Go” mobile phone... Continue Reading →

Online Blackberry Bible

If you are a RIM Smartphone (Blackberry) owner, then you will find this information, “clipped” from CIO, invaluable…  It is a great read on everything you need to know about your Blackberry… You can click on any of the titles below and you will be redirected to the CIO web site for that specific topic…... Continue Reading →

Web Sites formatted for your Blackberry…

If you own a Blackberry, or any mobile phone or handheld device for that matter, that has the ability to access web pages on the internet, then you will be interested in the link below (from Blackberry Forums).  This listing  is an excellent compilation of sites that has been formatted for portable devices (such as... Continue Reading →

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