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August 23, 2014

When I started blogging I started bookmarking tech sites that I visited. After a period of time I had quite a collection and thought, this may be beneficial to others (who have the desire to learn about computers and information technology). Bookmarks4Techs has become a hobby of sorts.

As of this posting, the collection has grown to approximately 814 sites (and continues to grow). If you are interested, please visit Don’t let the name fool you, that this site is for those with technical expertise; there is something there for everyone. If you do not see your favorite tech site, please let me know and I will consider adding it.

Hitting the Computer Information Technology Motherload With The NEW

March 14, 2013

As many of you know, I maintain a second website called Bookmarks4Techs. As of today I announce that I have moved Bookmarks4Techs to a FREE host (called Weebly) that allows you to use your own domain name for FREE (if you have one). At first I was sort of skeptical of this; however, after using Weebly’s online editor to build the site, I am pretty much sold. Weebly has a large array of templates which to pick from and is an excellent way to establish an online presence.


If you are not familiar with Bookmarks4Techs, I suggest that you bookmark or blogroll it for future reference. Bookmarks4Techs is one of the largest indexes of tech sites on the internet (over 600 links). If you are looking for information regarding software, apps, android, apple, windows, hardware, gadgets, tech news, tech blogs;then you you hit the motherload with …

Throughout the years of maintaining What’s On My PC, I have managed to accumulate (and continue to accumulate) links to numerous tech sites. As a result, I decided to share these links with you through Bookmarks4Techs! I personally use the site to navigate the internet looking for ideas for my next article and to keep myself up-to-date on computer information technology. As an added bonus you will find numerous RSS Feeds to some very popular tech sites.

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Create An Archive Index Of Your Blog Posts

January 2, 2013

Recently I added an archive page to Bookmarks4Techs which is a listing of links (with titles) to every article I ever posted at What’s On My PC. When I came up with the idea I had to find a way to generate the list (which, at the time, was approximately 1450 articles) without expending a lot of work. I had some ideas up my sleeve; however, it goes back to an adage that I have; “If you can think of it, someone else has done it!”.

If you are using as your blogging platform, you will find that WordPress already has some shortcoding available that will allow to generate archive listings, in various types of formats. To generate the list that I needed, it was as simple as starting up the blogging editor in my account and inserting the shortcode [ archives ] in the editor, then clicking on Preview and voila’ there was a list of every article I ever posted in the order that they were posted. I simply then copied and pasted the listing into the Bookmarks4Techs archive page.

NOTE: In the example I used above, there are no spaces, between the brackets and the word archives. I had to place spaces between the brackets and the word archives to prevent WordPress from automatically generating the list of all my articles.

You can also insert additional archive shortcodes that will allow you to customize your lists.  See the examples provided below.  You can get more instruction and information on using these shortcodes [here] :




Free Online HTML Editor For Netbooks: TinyMCE

Ten Tips To Securely Using Mobile Devices

Seven Deadly Sins of Netizens


FREE Android App of The Day Everyday





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A PC Tech’s Quick Reference Web Site

December 28, 2012

Just when I think I have found most of the golden nuggets on the internet, I come across another. While performing an update to the Bookmarks4Techs listing, a visitor to the site contacted me and suggested that I add the tech site GEGeek – PC Tech Quick Reference to the listing.


What I expected to find was a tech blog, but what I came across is a Geek’s paradise for anyone who is into computers; and especially,  computer repair & troubleshooting. While you are there, pay special attention to the GEGeek Tech Toolkit.  This toolkit should be called a Tech Tool Shop…  It is a 1.0 gig download and contains everything, as a tech, you would ever need.

An excerpt about the author of GEGeek:

This site is the culmination of years of CAREFULLY selecting a handful of links to assist me on my current job, personal consulting work and of course my own PCs. Not every site has all useful links ⁄ articles, but there were always one or two gems to be found on every site I visited. Keeping them readily available and manageable became quite a chore, so i created this site just to help me organize them and provide a quick reference . The “How To” is assumed knowledge, I just provide the quick reference.



Listing of All Articles Ever Posted at What’s On My PC

Studies Proved Laptop Radiation and Other Forms of Low Level Radiation Pose Risk to Users

Beware Of Professional Website Designers

Microsoft Security Essentials Review


Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II





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Two NEW Enhancements at

December 27, 2012

If you have not visited recently, I encourage you to do so. Don’t let the name of the site lead you to believe that the site is only for techs. Bookmarks4Techs is one of the largest collection of links to computer information technology sites and news on the internet. If you have a passion for computer information technology, to include software, apps, cloud computing, desktop computing, tablet computing, smartphones, etc…, then this site is for you. I can guarantee that you will keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest by visiting the links I have posted on the site.

Not only will you find one of the largest collection of links to computer and information technology sites on the internet, you will now find two NEW enhancements to the site.

  1. Tech News – As you scroll down the listing of links, on the homepage, you will notice RSS news feeds for some of the most popular tech sites and blogs on the internet. These feeds automatically update so that when you come back to visit, there is always something new.  I actually use this to get my daily dose of tech news and to see what is new on some of my favorite blogs.
  2. Archived Blog Posts – The archive is a brainstorm idea that I came up with that list links to every single blog article ever posted at What’s On My PC. As I continue to post here at What’s On My PC, the archive at Bookmarks4Techs will continue to grow. As of today’s post, I currently have archived links to 1,457 posts.



Space/Fantasy Wallpaper Set 62

Top 10 Videos 2012

Analyze and optimize WordPress loading time


WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive Storage
USB 3.0 Black



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Bookmarks4Techs is Back!

November 26, 2012

You may have read my recent article, Has Bookmarks4Techs Been Kidnapped or Assassinated?, where the host of the site (Google’s Blogger Service), through an automated classification system removed my sister site ( without warning (for suspicion of SPAM). The only notice I received was this:

Hello, Your blog at been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we’ve removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources:

Blogger Terms of Service:

Blogger Content Policy:

-The Blogger Team

Needless to say, after 2 weeks of working through a Google Groups Moderator (who was as polite as a badger), my site at Blogger has not been restored and I do not expect it to be restored. My last communication with the moderator resulted in this response:

Unfortunately, “” was recently confirmed as a spam host.

As a result, I have went back to the drawing board to do a rebuild of  I have decided to keep it simple and to avoid the complexities I had in place that apparently tripped Google’s automated classification system.

Bookmarks4Techs is back! I request your patience as I update the site and thank you for your support.



Stay Safe From Holiday Cyber Attacks:Cyber Monday is Today!

The Top 20 Social Networks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Best Selling Products – Updated Every Hour

Data Security Guide


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April 7, 2012

Most of you are probably not aware that I maintain a second tech site, called Bookmarks4Techs, that has grown into a tech info site that is great for anyone from the seasoned tech specialist to the home based computer user. I have been primarily using the site as a testing ground; however, I have now reached a point where I have a method to my madness (as they say). In essence, I am sanding out the rough edges.

What this site is evolving into is an enormous launching point for technology news, tech products, software, android apps, wallpapers, tech sites, etc… I use various resources on the internet (with credit always given) to quickly get this information to you. It is like a big grab bag of tech information and links that is conveniently available in one place. It is like looking for Easter Eggs.

When you first arrive to the site, make sure you scroll down and checkout the sidebars. The sidebars are loaded with RSS feeds that are constantly updated with information from some of the most popular tech blogs and sites on the internet.

I invite you to drop by frequently, due that I often get into a rapid posting mode where I’ll make 2-3-4 posts at a time. You can also subscribe to the site via a RSS feed [ HERE ] OR via Email [ HERE ] to keep up with the pace.

If you are a blogger or tech website owner, and you add Bookmarks4Techs to your blogroll, I will routinely feature (in rotation) your tech site at Bookmarks4Techs (as a Featured Tech Site – click here for example) and will post your site on the Bookmarks4Techs Links page (in big letters).  This will help the site grow in popularity and at the same time give your site exposure.

What Bookmarks4Techs has to offer is this:

Bookmarks4Techs Links – Features over 500 links to various tech and software sites on the internet. This (idea) page is actually the page that ignited the development of the rest of the site. If you are into tech, then no need to bookmark tech sites; I’ve done the work for you…

Bookmark This Collection
– If you like software, then this is your page. This page features software that I personally use (or have used) and highly recommend.  The best part is that it is all FREE!.

Bookmarks4Techs StoreFront –  To maintain operation of the site I serve as an Amazon Affiliate. This page features computer and technology related links to products at If you are a customer of Amazon, launch to the Amazon site from any link at Bookmarks4Techs. When you do, It throws a few pennies in my cup to keep the site going.  Also, on the sites’ left sidebar you will find a listing of tech product categories broken down for your convenience.

Today’s Technology News – Using various resources on the internet, I started posting the latest tech news. This page was actually done as a personal convenience (to keep me on top of things); however, I think you will find it quite newsworthy for you, as well.

Featured Software – This is the one I like and enjoy.  Again, using various reputable resources, I pull down updates and the latest in software (mostly all FREE).

Android Apps – If you own an Android device (such as a smartphone or tablet), then this is for you.  This is relatively new and I ask for patience as I find resources for this; however, I do have a good run going on this now (especially the Amazon Daily Free “Paid” App).

Featured Wallpapers – If you like wallpaper backgrounds, make sure you hit this frequently.

Thank You !



Featured FREE Android Apps – 4/7/12

Bookmark This (#47) – PDFBinder

Featured Software – 4/7/12

Featured Free “Paid” Android App – 4/7/2012

Today’s Technology News – 4/7/2012

Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.


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Something New at

January 31, 2012

I am writing to you to let you know there is something NEW at that consists of a new posting regimen and a new layout of the sites’ content. is a second website that I maintain that initially started out as a large collection of links to tech sites. That large collection is still there; however, the site is now at another level where I can comfortably post content at a comfortable pace. I would also like to point out that the site is for everyone (especially home users) and not just Techs.

Most everyone loves computers, software and anything related to information technology. It has become entrenched in our daily lives. What I have started at Bookmarks4Techs, that is NEW, is a posting regimen that I am calling “Bookmark This”. One of my obsessions is cruising the internet at hyper-speed and finding anything that is FREE and is related to computers, software and information technology.

What “Bookmark This” is going to bring to you is a way to quickly capture (and quickly read) what I think is good out there or something that I found that is exciting that you should know about (i.e. an article from another blogger FREE software, an Android App, etc…). Now what is good to one person, may not be good to another; but, I think as this develops, the selections that are made will be recognized as top quality. I research and play around with everything I recommend. I have experience doing this from managing “What’s On My PC” and from working as an IT Professional for over 20 years.

The layout of the site has also been changed and consists of (6)-six tab areas:

Home Page– Daily Posts (which will primarily feature Tech Products of the Day, Tech Deals, the Bookmark This posts, FREE and Paid Android Apps, etc…).  I will tell you up front, that I am an Amazon Associate and you will see me pointing out to you the best of the best at Amazon.

Bookmarks4Techs– Features over 500 Links to Tech Sites. I am working to clean this up and remove the dead links. It is amazing how many sites are now dead since I started this. Blogging and maintaining a site is hard work and the number of sites that have went dead in the water really surprised me.

Bookmark This Collection – When I do a “Bookmark This” post, the collection of these posts will be managed and collected. The list is currently short, but give it time; it will grow. Again, I will only list quality FREE software, cloud apps, etc…  This will serve as a good resource for those looking for good quality FREE software, information, etc…

Shop for Deals– This will link you to the Bookmarks4Techs Amazon Store that I have put together. Give it a try. I think you will like it.  I am pretty proud of how this turned out.

Amazon Deal of the Day– Deal of the Day is featured from this tab. I hit this tab every day; where Amazon will make huge price cuts on products, etc…

About– Some information about me as a blogger and IT professional.

Also, on the left sidebar of the site, make sure you check out the Shop @ Amazon listing. I have tried to make a general category listing to assist you with looking for specific computer products (i.e. a mouse pad, keyboard, etc…).

On both sidebars you will find feeds from some of the top tech blogs out there.  If you want to know what is going on, all you have to do is scroll down through these sidebars. The bloggers who maintain these sites are some of the best of the best.

To subscribe to by email [ CLICK HERE ] and to subscribe to Bookmarks4Techs by RSS [ CLICK HERE ]By subscribing you will be alerted to the most recent posts. You can back out of either of these subscriptions anytime.

I encourage you to take the time and visit and help me make it a successful site. If you are a tech blogger and you do not see your site on the bookmarks list, please let me know. I will almost surely add your site providing it offers solid content and is maintained regularly. Also, by adding to your blogroll will help to support what I am intending to accomplish.

Thank You !



Bookmark This (#9) – WinPatrol

FREE Today Only – Learning to Draw is Fun (Android App)

Top Five – Digital Media Adapters at Amazon

HOT – Download Free Norton Identity Safe Beta – Simple, Secure, Password Management For Windows, iOS, And Android

Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.


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Bookmarks4Techs – New Site Design

November 18, 2011


A new site design is in place, at my sister site – Bookmarks4Techs. Page loads are now faster allowing you to grasp as much information as possible in a shorter amount of time. One of the main features of the site are the RSS feeds located on the sidebars, which are feeds from some of the top computer, software and information technology sites on the internet. The new design makes those feeds standout and allows you to read those feeds as separate blocks of text. The older design I was using made those feeds run together and difficult to decipher; also, I was noticing choppy page scrolling due to the amount of information that was being presented.  In other words, the coding of the theme I was using could not handle the load. The new theme design is a simpler interface, with one goal in mind; to handle the ton of information that I am throwing out there to you in a faster and readable manner.

When visiting the site, make sure you click on the Bookmarks4Techs tabat the top of the page. You will be surprised to find links to over 600 computer, software and information technology sites on the internet.  This list continues to grow… All links will open in separate browser tabs allowing you toggle back and forth from the site.

To help support the site and put some butter on my bread, I am currently experimenting with the Affiliate program and will be posting (as I have) links to computer, software, and information technology products that I find to be of excellent quality. One of my passions is looking for the new tech toys…

I hope you bookmark and plan to visit Bookmarks4Techs on a regular basis …  Thank you!

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Bookmarks4Techs is Experiencing a Growth Spurt

November 13, 2011

This is an update of sorts on my sister site Bookmarks4Techs. I think I found the niche for the site as the number of daily page views has grown by leaps and bounds. The site features numerous sidebar RSS feeds from some of the top tech sites out there, links to every tech site that I can get my hands on, and links to tech products (and deals) that I find at Amazon. One hot draw to the site is the Hot Tech Site of the Day where I feature a Tech Site each day with links to articles hosted by the selected site. Bookmarks4Techs is coming into its’ own and is relatively new since I recently made changes; however, don’t be shyed away.  There is some really great content there for everyone and a great way to learn about computers and information technology.




Amazon’s FREE Android App of the Day

Amazon App of the Day

Get a great paid app for free every day


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Be Sure To Visit My Sister Site – Bookmarks4Techs

November 5, 2011

If you are regular visitor to What’s On My PC, you surely have noticed that I have links posted to my sister site – Bookmarks4Techs.


Bookmark4Techs started out as a personal project of mine as a result of managing my personal blog – What’s On My PC.  When searching for content for my blog, I found myself constantly trolling the internet in search of the latest and the greatest in computers, software, and information technology.

I found, for the matter of convenience, that if I listed the sites I regularly visited on a web page, I could troll the internet at a much faster rate (especially with today’s tabbed browsers). It was after a certain point of collecting numerous tech related websites that I realized that this collection may be of use and interest to others.  I love visiting other tech blogs (and sites) and I am constantly adding to this collection.  It is amazing how good theses sites and blogs really are.

Bookmarks4Techs is not just for techs; it is for everyone. As a matter of fact it is a great conduit to where I am currently serving as an affiliate. For example, if you click on the computer and accessories tab you will be redirected directly to Amazon’s site on Computer Accessories. It all has been an experiment of sorts to test out the affiliate experience (to see if it really works) and at the same time give people a launching point to other technology sites. You will find the sidebars loaded with RSS feeds to some of the best tech sites out there; plus, if you click on the Bookmarks4Techs tab you will be taken to my collection of tech sites (currently over 600 sites and growing).

Also, in an effort to draw people to Bookmarks4Techs I am constantly trolling for tech bargains and new technologies that have surfaced on the market and any other tech related products that may be of interest to you. I especially use, TigerDirect, Circuit City, NewEgg, and CompUSA to locate products of interest.

I ask that you “pass the word”…
Bookmark and blogroll Bookmarks4Techs
so that it may grow in popularity.


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Tech Sites, Tech News, and Tech Accessories – All In One Place

October 2, 2011

If you are one that has an interest in computers and technology, then check out my sister site called, Bookmarks4Techs.


Bookmarks4Techs is one of the largest aggregation of links to tech sites (and tech news) out there. When you visit the site, please notice that the sidebars of the site host news topics from some of the top tech sites out there. These news topics change daily.

Also, while you are there, I encourage you to visit the Computer and Accessories page. This page is an index created to help you easily find anything you are looking for when it comes to computers, technology, electronics, software, etc…

With the fall season here and winter around the corner I intend to take the time and add more links and clean house (of any dead tech sites).

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Bookmarks4Techs – A Worldwide Online Resource for Tech Sites

June 21, 2011

During the past several years I have been bookmarking and collecting tech sites.  Approximately a year ago I posted second site on the internet called Bookmarks4Techs to make this collection of tech sites available to everyone in the world.

Recently I have been working toward adding more sites and now have posted a total of 565 sites.  I still have many more sites to add to this collection.  Once I get caught up I will do a cleanup of any dead links and get a final count.  I encourage you to pay the site a visit [ HERE ] .


Bookmarks4Techs is the largest repository of listed tech sites currently available on the internet. If you have the desire to learn about computers and information technology, then Bookmarks4Techs is your place to start!

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Over 500 Tech Sites Listed in One Place

February 4, 2011

Many of you who visit the blog know that I maintain a second site called Bookmarks4Techs.


Bookmarks4Techs, in my guesstimation, is one of the largest listings of tech sites on the internet. Today I punched through the 500 mark and have a ton more to add to the list.

If you are someone that has a desire to learn about information technology and computers, then Bookmarks4Techs will literally keep you busy, not for hours, but for weeks.


jaanix post to jaanix

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Bookmarks4Techs – Site News

October 2, 2010

Bookmarked Sites: 468 Total

Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG901 DOCSIS 2.0 Wireless Cable Modem

Posted: 2010-10-02 16:29:17 UTC-04:00

Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG901 DOCSIS 2.0 Wireless Cable Modem [ CURRENT PRICING ] Integrated 802.11b/g wireless access point Support for up to 16 service IDs (SIDs) allows for future enhanced features Security features including Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) Access and legacy 64-bit and 128-bit wired equivalent privacy (WEP) encryption One RJ-45 10/100Base-TX auto-sensing network LAN Why tie

Featured Site – Windows7Update

Posted: 2010-10-02 08:35:06 UTC-04:00

Windows Phone 7 reportedly launching on October 10! – TopNews United States Windows Phone 7 reportedly launching on October 10! TopNews United States According t.. Microsoft sues Windows Phone 7 holdout Motorola for patent infringement – InfoWorld Reuters Microsoft sues Windows Phone 7 holdout Motorola for patent infringement InfoWorld “Right no.. Microsoft names new mobile

Acer AO532h-2223 10.1-Inch Matrix Silver Netbook

Posted: 2010-10-01 14:40:54 UTC-04:00

Acer AO532h-2223 10.1-Inch Matrix Silver Netbook [ CURRENT PRICING ] Aspire One AO532h: Go Anywhere MobilityBrowse the Web, check email, share photos, keep up with social networks, listen to music and enjoy a wide variety of entertainment with the Aspire One AO532h, which features a small compact design that you can take anywhere. Combining the power of the latest Intel Atom N450 processor and

Featured Site – 7Tutorials

Posted: 2010-09-30 21:46:22 UTC-04:00

Download the Starcraft 2 Theme Pack By 7 Tutorials For all Starcraft 2 fans, we have something special – Starcraft 2 theme packs for Windows 7. I have created 5 theme packs for the most popular resolutions used by our readers: 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200, 1680×1050 and 1920×1200. Each of them contains different images that will be used as desktop backgrounds and automatically changed at a 15

Western Digital 2 TB Caviar Green SATA Intellipower 64 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Desktop Hard Drive

Posted: 2010-09-28 12:13:27 UTC-04:00

Western Digital 2 TB Caviar Green SATA Intellipower 64 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Desktop Hard Drive GOOD BUY – Click Here WD Advanced Format technology increases media format efficiency, thus enabling larger drive capacities. WD Advanced Format drives are specifically optimized for Mac and the latest Windows operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7. WD Advanced Format drives work with

Featured Site – Within Windows

Posted: 2010-09-28 12:01:23 UTC-04:00

Internet Explorer 9 beta today. And Adobe wonders why we hate them… $500 worth of software for $47 (and 45 pennies) Windows Phone 7 for the busy developer Microsoft Office “Limestone” isn’t a new mystery Office “15” application Live Messenger switches to “basic” mode for crappy GPUs Poll: What changes do you want to see in Windows 8? The Common Open Source Application Publishing Platform movie.

Iomega eGo USB 2.0 500 GB Compact Portable Hard Drive

Posted: 2010-09-26 06:11:41 UTC-04:00

Iomega eGo USB 2.0 500 GB Compact Portable Hard Drive Stylish, Compact Form!Take files anywhere with the Iomega® eGo™ Portable Hard Drive USB 2.0 with Protection Suite. Sporting a sleek enclosure, the eGo Portable Hard Drive is the perfect companion to your laptop or netbook computer. Drop Guard™ is included so you can be confident your portable hard drive is rugged! FeaturesStylish colors —

Featured Site – 404 Tech Support

Posted: 2010-09-25 16:13:01 UTC-04:00

In Less Than 24 Hours, Netflix Offends Canadians and Americans Separately; Apologizes September 22nd was a bad day to be Netflix. In all reality, it should have been a good day because Netflix launched their streaming service in Canada. More customers means more chances for revenue. Instead, Netflix managed to insult Canadians and Americans during this single launch event. They called Americans

Acer AS5251: Everyday Multitasking

Posted: 2010-09-24 07:37:37 UTC-04:00

The stylish Acer Aspire AS5251 laptop (model AS5251-1805) offers powerful AMD V Series performance, the latest connectivity technology and rich media features at practical price. Starting from the gorgeous 15.6-inch widescreen LED-backlit display with integrated HD webcam to the full-size keyboard with dedicated numeric keypad, you have everything you need for efficient multitasking

ASUS VW266H 25.5-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor – Black

Posted: 2010-09-23 22:00:22 UTC-04:00

The VW266H features a 25.5-inch 1920×1200 LCD screen that supersedes Full HD 1080p resolution. Its extra large resolution and ASUS Trace Free 2ms response time makes it ideal for immersing yourself in the latest games with the sharpest details and clarity, even for fast motion action video playback.  With a wide array of inputs such as HDMI, Component Video, DVI-D, and built-in stereo speakers,

Featured Bookmarked Site – ZePy

Posted: 2010-09-23 22:44:16 UTC-04:00 Creates Safe Secure Short URLs Voice Base: Voice Communications Platform: Search, Share, Store & More Q&A search site Quora opens to everyone Create Funny Logo Create funny logos for your search engines : View, Share and Embed Deep Zoom images Taskos is a smart voice powered To-do list for Andorid SpiderOak: Secure online backup, storage, access Burnbit: Burn Any Web-Hosted File

Featured Bookmarked Site – 40Tech

Posted: 2010-09-21 12:34:18 UTC-04:00

How to Extend the Range of Your Wireless Network Using a Spare Router as a Wireless Access Point  If your wireless router doesn’t give you the coverage that you need, or if you want to broadcast your Wireless N and Wireless G signals from different devices for speed purposes, then you should consider setting up a wireless access point.  You may not need to purchase additional hardware, as a

ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED Monitor with Integrated Stereo Speakers

Posted: 2010-09-19 21:15:28 UTC-04:00

ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Widescreen Environmentally friendly, incredible picture quality. ViewSonic’s VX2250wm-LED features a mercury free LED backlight 22” (21.5” Vis) widescreen display with up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional CCFL backlit LCD monitors. The VX2250wm-LED offers Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, 5ms response time, an incredible 10,000,000:1 MEGA

Featured Bookmarked Site – Zmogo

Posted: 2010-09-19 21:02:56 UTC-04:00

Eneloop USB Booster Stick-Recharging Technology Did you ever pull your hair out and bang the door every time your phone would give out in the middle of that all important conversation or your digital camera would turn off just when you were about to take pretty little Emily’s photo on her first birthday. If that’s what you feel then welcome […] Honda Driving Simulator Honda Driving

SanDisk Cruzer 16 GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Posted: 2010-09-17 09:55:10 UTC-04:00

SanDisk Cruzer 16 GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive [ GREAT DEAL HERE ] From the Manufacturer With USB ports popping up everywhere you look, you need a simple and reliable way to store and share your photos, videos and music on the fly. The SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive is your answer. Because it works with virtually any computer or electronic device with a USB slot, this flash drive lets you leave

Featured Bookmarked Site – Channel 10

Posted: 2010-09-17 09:42:22 UTC-04:00

Recent Posts @ Channel 10 IE9 Tab Aero Snap  We invited the Internet Explorer team to walk us through some of the new features and highlights of the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. You can find more preview videos here. In this video, Jane Kim, Senior Program Manager for Internet Explorer, shows how people can easily drag tabs in Internet Explorer 9 and quickly snap them to the side using Windows Aero

Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

Posted: 2010-09-16 13:38:04 UTC-04:00

Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive Product DescriptionDesigned with the same commitment to quality that made WD external drives the number one drives in the world, Western Digital’s WD Elements USB 2.0 external hard drives are the right answer for simply affordable add-on storage. Just plug it in to a USB port and start saving your photos, music, video, and

Featured Bookmarked Site – Free PC Security

Posted: 2010-09-15 14:56:47 UTC-04:00

Popular Posts @ Free PC Security List of Malicious Sites Autorun .inf Removal TDSS Removal Tool List of Rogue Programs Renaming EXE Files Conficker Removal Tool – Free AVG 9 Plus Installation Guide Avast 5 – Installation Guide Basic Computer Security Infected PC Won’t Boot Bookmarked Sites: 465 Total

Acer Aspire AO533-23923 10.1-Inch Netbook (Glossy Red)

Posted: 2010-09-15 12:32:39 UTC-04:00

A great choice for students as well as business travelers who like to travel light, Acer makes it easy to stay productive while on the go with the larger keyboard (93 percent standard size). You’ll be able to easily video chat wherever you roam thanks to the Crystal Eye webcam integrated into the LCD’s bezel, delivering smooth video streaming and high quality images even in low-light situations.

Featured Bookmarked Site – Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts

Posted: 2010-09-15 11:45:29 UTC-04:00

Recent Articles @ Tech Thoughts Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts (“Security and System Tools and Tips. Software Reviews, News, Views, Downloads and Links.”) Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 15, 2010 CNET: Windows Starter Kit – The Windows Starter Kit is a collection of some of the best and most essential freeware to get your new PC going. From browsers to productivity to utilities,

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Posted: 2010-09-14 17:08:52 UTC-04:00

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation [ Buy at ] Kindle at a Glance New, High-Contrast E-Ink Screen 50% better contrast. The clearest text and sharpest images. Read in Bright Sunlight Unlike LCD screens, Kindle’s screen reads like real paper, with no glare. Read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room. Lighter Than a Paperback

Featured Bookmarked Site – Freeware Genius

Posted: 2010-09-14 14:53:52 UTC-04:00

Recent Articles @ Freeware Genius CleanHaven: clean up and manipulate text and lists like a pro CleanHaven is a free text cleanup and manipulation app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is not a simple program that merely converts text-case and removes unprintable characters (similar to the many “email cleaning” apps that are out there); but is a sophisticated, well designed ” swiss army knife” of

Canon PowerShot SD4500IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical

Posted: 2010-09-14 13:59:50 UTC-04:00

Canon PowerShot SD4500IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD Product DescriptionFrom the ManufacturerSignificant technology upgrades and a richly sophisticated design make the PowerShot SD4500 IS Digital ELPH camera so easy to say “yes” to. Your best shot is never too far away, thanks to a hugely powerful lens that boasts a 10x optical zoom. Your videos

Flip UltraHD TM Video Camera

Posted: 2010-09-14 12:01:21 UTC-04:00

Flip UltraHD TM Video Camera – Black 8GB, 2 Hours The World’s Simplest HD Camcorder  The Flip UltraHD camcorder combines Flip Video’s signature shoot-and-share simplicity with the power of vivid, vibrant HD video. UltraHD could not be easier to use: just power on and press record, and you’ll be capturing high-quality HD video in seconds.  Ultra-Spontaneous, Ultra-Fun  UltraHD features 120


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