KeePass Password Safe

I highly recommend that you use a password manager to manage and store all of the passwords that you use. Typically, most folks use the same password for many sites and accounts and are careless in maintaining their passwords; often storing them in and around the computer. KeePass will assist you in generating strong passwords... Continue Reading →

Backup Your Gmail With MailStore Home

Here is a good Windows software option, called MailStore Home, that you can use to download and backup your Gmail. I can also see using this to archive a Gmail account that is getting full.   MailStore Home is a free email archiving and email backup software for personal use. With MailStore Home you can... Continue Reading →

Download Facebook Container – MajorGeeks

With all the privacy crap going on involving Facebook, you may want to take a look at this: Facebook Container for Firefox allows you to fully control and quarantine your web activity from Facebook. This extension effectively isolates your identity into a separate container making it difficult for Facebook to track your activity on other... Continue Reading →

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