FastStone Image Viewer – The Only Image Utility You Will Ever Need

August 28, 2016

If you are wanting something that is better than the viewer built into the Windows operating system, I encourage you to take a look at the FREE FastStone Image Viewer. This software utility is specifically developed to manage and manipulate images.  I have been using it for years and there has been no turning back. Recently, FastStone Image Viewer received an upgrade that gives you the ability to run two image viewers at the same time; drag and drop images between them; and, compare images from different folders side by side. This is only one of the many features of FastStone Image Viewer. Can’t say enough about this software…

FastStone Image Viewer


The top 100 Android apps

August 17, 2016

PC Magazine has always done great with these “Best of the Best” lists… Thanks to Tech Paul for sharing this….

Tech - for Everyone

Folks, PC Magazine has published its “Best of” review for Android apps. Click the link, then choose a category (I suspect many of you will check out the “Games” category.. )

* The 100 Best Android Apps

Whether you’ve got a brand-new Galaxy Note 7 or an older Android phone or tablet you just want to spruce up, these are the apps that matter.Read more..

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… that’s a nice one. But, it’s the nail that sticks up which gets hammered down… So I would (try to) choose my battles wisely.

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Download the Windows 10 Anniversary tool here

August 4, 2016

Thanks to the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Shelbyville for sharing this… I need to alert my friends of this anniversary update so that they are not standing back scratching their heads and mumbling under their breath…

TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog

Want the Anniversary update to Windows 10?  Updates not showing it ready?  Follow the link below and click the Download Button.

Make sure you go back and clean the Windows.old folder.  Use the disk cleanup tool under This-PC.   Simply right click your HDD, and select properties.   Then click disk cleanup.  Double check for previous versions of Windows.

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Google gives you a portal to check your activity

July 26, 2016

And who says Google doesn’t profile us… Nice find!

TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog

Want to know what you’ve searched for?  Videos you’ve viewed?  Go over and sign in to My Activity at Google.

If your privacy settings are turned on to monitor your privacy, you’ll see this –

No ActivityWhile you’re messing with Google, uninstall Google Earth and download Google Earth Pro for free.  Use your email address and the code “GEPFREE”.

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Wise Folder Hider @ File Forum

July 26, 2016

Wise Folder Hider 3.37 – This software app has been around for awhile that works in hiding files and folders on your PC.