Stocking Stuffer – MoKo Universal Portable Foldable Smartphone Stand

If you are looking for an inexpensive, very usable, stocking stuffer, definitely take a look at the Moko Universal Portable Foldable Smartphone Stand. This stand is available in several different colors and is adjustable...   Extremely lightweight(1.09 oz) and pocket-sized(3.26*2.8*0.5 inches), folds up to a completely flat shape, easily thrown onto a rucksack/bag.Six fully adjustable slots,... Continue Reading →

Reasonably Priced Cell Phone Signal Booster

Recently I needed a solution to improve my cell signal in a remote camping location where the signal was one bar to no signal at all (in roaming mode outside the area of my provider's towers). After doing some research I settled with the Wilson Electronics 460106 Sleek - Vehicle Cellular Signal Booster. This booster improved... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks (#2015-32) FEATURING — Beware: A Browser Hijacker That Replaces Your Default Browser — and MORE GREAT STUFF

Beware: A Browser Hijacker That Replaces Your Default Browser - Scams, viruses, malware and hijackers are constantly being developed and engineered to make our computing lives a nightmare. Today I want to make you aware of a piece of software, called eFast, that the Malwarebytes research team has determined as being a browser hijacker. What is unique... Continue Reading →

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