Geek Squeaks’ for July 18, 2013

One of my passions is finding reputable resources and applications for home based users that can be used in confidence. Today’s round up of Geek Squeaks’ is no exception: Create Your Own Customized Start Page with YOURLS (my favorite); Optimize your computer with this collection of utilities; Must read tips on protecting our kids on... Continue Reading →

A FREE Web Based Screen Recorder

Recently my brother asked me if I could download  some online video news footage of his son (my nephew) in a featured sporting event? They wanted to archive the video so that his son (my nephew) would have something in the future to show his kids.  Exhausting all of the tricks that I knew for... Continue Reading →

YouTube Movie: First Orbit

YouTube (and Google) continue to raise the bar when it comes to online video content. Typically, it features a repository of short video clips and now they are working toward featuring longer, higher-quality video content on its website. Google, which owns YouTube, plans to invest millions into developing “original content”. On that note, YouTube is... Continue Reading →

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