TTC Shelbyville Recognized by ComputerWorld

I think it is important to recognize fellow bloggers and in this case it is a blog that is on my blogroll – TTC Shelbyville . The Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville (Computer Information Technology Program) has been Recognized by ComputerWorld as a 2011 Honors Laureate (award for outstanding creative or intellectual achievement). April 21,... Continue Reading →

TTC Shelbyville Makes ComputerWorld Magazine

Steve Mallard, IT Manager at the Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville, a regular visitor and supporter of this blog, is featured in ComputerWorld Magazine. Steve (and his students) are contributors of the blog TTC Shelbyville, which I am a (daily) regular visitor. To read about Steve and TTC Shelbyville, in ComputerWorld [ click here ]... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks4Techs – An Ongoing Experiment

If you haven’t visited Bookmarks4Techs lately, then you are missing out on a growing list of tech sites. As of the date of this posting, the site is currently listing 464 bookmarked links to computer and information technology sites across the internet. You can literally spend hours hitting these sites. Also posted are RSS feeds... Continue Reading →

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