VRtually There, a weekly adventure with three cool VR experiences…

Be sure to visit (and subscribe) to the weekly VRtually adventures from the USA TODAY NETWORK and YouTube (see source link below). Each adventure features three cool 360 degree VR experiences. Below is this weeks' adventure featuring a rollercoaster ride, canyoneering in the Arizona Desert and floating with sea turtles in perfect tranquility... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ay8hEiUuYg Source:... Continue Reading →

Today’s Geek Squeaks – November 3, 2013

Summary: A must-have (FREE) YouTube video downloader (and converter); The 100 Best Android Apps of 2013, as compiled by PCMag.com; A great collection of Thanksgiving wallpapapers; and, A deal everyday through Black Friday!!! Geek Squeaks’ features a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it;  from my favorite tech web sites…... Continue Reading →

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