This is the “What’s On My PC… – Freebies” page (and bargains too!).  Anything I can find out there that can be truly had for “FREE” (or is a great bargain site) will be posted here…  If you know of any “Freebies”, please feel free to comment below (it is FREE : )

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Download Crew Giveaways

Download Crew Giveaway

Wallpapers of the Week


Amazon’s FREE Android App of the Day

Amazon App of the Day

Get a great paid app for free every day

The “Giveaway of the day project“, is a web site that offers for FREE, licensed software that you would have to buy otherwise.
PLEASE READ the user comments before installing to determine the quality of the giveaway.

FREE – Wallpaper and Puzzles at National Geographic

FREE – Quick Reference Cheat Sheets for
Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office – Free Templates
– A web site that specializes in getting things FREE after the rebate.
– A “FREEBIE” archive web site…

(as reflected on the website)

No credit card required, EVER!
Only 100% real free stuff!
No strings attached!
No shipping fees!
No scams!
No spam!

– Free Shipping Coupons & Coupon Codes To Over 850 Stores.

– a social bargain hunting web site.  Enjoy free after mail-in rebate deals and freebies (usually with free shipping).

is a great site to look for bargains, coupons, freebies, contests & sweepstakes, drugstore & grocery deals, product reviews and more!

– On the hunt to save you money (freebies too)!

DealDog.Net is a FREE eBooks website with a comprehensive collection of popular ebooks written by famous authors from the world’s leading publishers.

WPClipart – Over 33,500 High Quality Clipart Images for FREE


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  1. You can email me at: whatsonmypc(at) .  This is especially useful for link exchanges, questions, etc…
  2. You can leave a comment at the bottom of any article or page.  Your comment may not initially show up until I approve it; however I will see it and get back to you.

20 Responses to Freebies

  1. Kim Myers says:

    Thanks for the Freebies website!I just stumbled on this site (I stumble a lot)and will use several of the free sites in my work life in Corrections and Mental Health.
    I will check back frequently!
    Thanks Rick


  2. The coupon codes for free shipping and wordpress cliparts were too good.. Thanks for the share..

  3. rani raj says:

    Thanks for the Freebies sites

  4. You could also try free tutorials on all things technological at my site: I am sure you will find something you need to know there!

  5. free MS offices manuals on this site

  6. david says:

    good list of free sites already tried the calendars looking forward to look through the rest thank you

  7. nice share..
    thank you..

  8. Mezanul says:

    As always awesome list Rick! Thanks for the free websites. 🙂

  9. delenn13 says:

    First of all, Paul sent me. 🙂 Nice website and I checked out your sister site. I signed up for both email notifications. Guess when I find time, gonna have a reading/bookmarking good time.

    Suggestions: The Giveaway of the Day site….I would add PLEASE READ the comments before installing.(Possibly, for your protection.) I have been going there since Dec. of 2006. The comments have saved me much heartbreak and frustration. You can get work arounds, added info, what the software might break, even free programs that work better and use less ram..etc. Many a time I have NOT installed because of the comments.

    Also, since December 11, 2006 GOTD has had a sister site, Game Giveaway of the Day, Game Giveaway of the Day. that gave away games, usually of the casual type, every day. Later, they became only the weekends because of the gaming economy and drop in prices. Sometimes there was NO game on the weekend. When that happened a few times, one of our forum members,Whiterabbit-uk, with others, started to hunt and post free games. That was 3 years ago.

    They have made a list Free Games Synopsis « Giveaway of the Day Forums. Some of these games are awesome games and I was surprised to find free. The list is not current but it has a lot..probably over 1,000 or more games. There is over 2,000 or more games hidden in there.. You can search by “week” to find the most current games being posted in the forum.You can find instructions on how to set up DOSBox easily, games on sale..offers for free games, where to find walk throughs, videos etc for help. If you can’t find it..ask. Games Discussion « Giveaway of the Day Forums

    This should be enough info for now. 🙂 I am not spam, ask Paul. But your spam filter is gonna love me..just like Paul’s does.


    • Ramblinrick says:


      Thank you for visiting. Paul is an awesome guy. I did take your advice and added a blurb advising people to Please Read the User Comments before installing the “Giveaway of the Day”. They occasionally do come up with a good giveaway; but, you are right, you do have to be careful.

      I will also check out the Giveaway of the Day Forum.

      Again, thank you for commenting and visiting.


  10. delenn13 says:

    The game IN the forum Week 166 – Good Games to Grab – Bennu (action platform) « Giveaway of the Day Forums is way better than the actual Giveaway is.
    Game Giveaway of the Day – Match&Remove (for Windows and Mac)

    Now since I have been backing up and updating all day, I am going to play a game. 🙂

  11. delenn13 says:

    Today is Saturday…play some games. I have company from Nova Scotia here…SO..

    Here are some free games:

    Game Giveaway of the Day – Glamour Puzzle

    “Glamour Puzzle- Sure to be appreciated by anyone who likes Jigsaw puzzles. This game features 3 difficulty levels, a soothing music soundtrack and over 100 puzzles! Features images of scenic destinations, interesting people, and animals, plants and more. With over 100 unique puzzles to solve, this game will keep you entertained for a very long.”

    Some people found the “soothing music” annoying. Directions on how to change it is in the first comment. As I am writing have 15 hours to download this.

    More free games..Free Games Synopsis « Giveaway of the Day Forums Even has a Great way to set up DOSBox if it is needed.(If I can do it, anyone can.)

    How to use Norton’s Commander in DosBox to play games

    More info on DOSBox..Make DosBox Work Easily For You « Giveaway of the Day Forums

    If that isn’t enough, then search Through the forums for “good games to grab” and you will find other games. The list above doesn’t have all the latest games reviewed.

    This is a friend of mine’s page…He has just started it. It’s a WIP! So keep an eye on it.

    Your Best FREE Games

    Next one…..NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!!!

    Rockstar Classics -Grand Theft Auto 1, Grand Theft Auto 2, and Wild Metal Free Downloads

    “In 1997, a band of developers that would come to be known as Rockstar North and Rockstar Games released the original Grand Theft Auto on an unsuspecting public. The groundbreaking non-linear urban crime game shook up a complacent game industry with its irreverent gameplay, humor and style- and a phenomenon was born.

    For more information on the original Grand Theft Auto, check out the game’s original official website at

    We are now offering this classic progenitor of the Rockstar Games lineage as the first in a recurring series of Rockstar PC game downloads, absolutely free of charge. It’s a chance for new fans to experience the roots of Rockstar as well as our way of saying thank you to our long-time supporters feeling that pang of nostalgia. Simply fill out the form below and check your email for a direct link to the file – we’ve even optimized the game for play on the latest and greatest computers. Now, don’t say we never gave you anything.”

    If you have problems getting these games, this site has directions. Free Grand Theft Auto 1, Grand Theft Auto 2, and Wild Metal! [Rockstar video games for PC] | dotTech dotTech is one of Rick’s featured sites Bookmarks4Techs: Bookmarks4Techs Links

    Did I say…the above game is NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!????????

    Also, some sales at Some may require DOS Box. I so love About Us –

    More sales..Download and Play retro games – DotEmu Have bought many a game from here too. Download and Play retro games – DotEmu

    Just a note..when you sign get some free games too. I don’t remember which ones. Sorry been too long ago when I signed up. 🙂

  12. delenn13 says:

    Free Game From Game Giveaway of the Day-
    Brave Piglet

    “If you remember another game called Zak & Jack in Monster Town, this is basically the same game only with a Piglet and different attacking objects such as wolves with ballons.” Some one else said it is..”remake of a game from the times of the Commodore 64.
    It was named Pooyan.”

    This is from BitsDuJour. Sorry had company and church today..0ver 10 hours left on this..

    myVault-For Mac and PC

    “In a nutshell, it’s the digital equivalent of a filing cabinet and safe combined into a single, intuitive utility. Think of it as a TODO program in reverse — a place to keep details of the past, not the future. A place to securely archive anything and everything!”

    myVault Mac and PC Software with a 100% off Discount Coupon Code – Securely Archive Anything and Everything!

    “If this is you …

    Sometimes have difficulty finding your notes, documents and files ?
    Wonder why so many TODO programs but not any HAVEDONE programs ?
    Need access to your documents, syncronised ?
    Certain Files – For your eyes only – encrypted but easily accessible ?
    Need to store credit card numbers and passwords ?
    You appreciate software with a simple but elegant interface ?

    myVault Could be Your New Best Friend 🙂 ”

    Secure Document and File Management | Arten Science myVault

    Bits DuJour’s Policy:

    After you make a purchase of this BitsDuJour discount promotion, myVault may be used indefinitely.
    myVault is licensed per user, so if multiple people are going to use myVault they will each have to purchase a copy.
    Each license allows installation on a single computer and a laptop, but myVault may not be used at exactly the same time on each of them.
    Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed.
    License activation isn’t required.
    Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for minor versions only. For versions after that, upgrades will require additional payment, which will not be discounted.
    Support is not provided.
    No return policy.
    BitsDuJour purchases using a discount coupon code come direct from the vendor, so you’ll always get the same software app sold under the same terms as a regular sale, just at a great promotional price.

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