Zoho Notebook – A FREE Alternative to Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, and Google Keep

Some years back I can remember exploring a note-keeping application called Zoho Notebook, that was in its’ infancy. Recently I revisited Zoho Notebook and boy was I in for a surprise. This application rocks and I am now committing myself to moving all of my note-keeping data from other platforms where I have data stored (i.e. Microsoft OneNote, Evernote and Google Keep). The reason for my decision is that Zoho does what all of the other applications do, but better (in my opinion).  Zoho Notebook works on nearly all OS platforms and devices out there.

Below is a verbatim (best description) I could find on Zoho Notebook. You can judge for yourself.

  • Take notes, add files, create checklists, sketches, record audio, and capture moments. All your notes are instantly synced across your devices and to the cloud.
  • The simple, intimate joy of Notebook comes from using the app. We’ve been meticulous in our design, paying attention to every detail. Notebook is 100% free and ad-free.


Notebook provides different ways to take notes and capture your thoughts.

– Write notes. Start with text, add images and sketches, checklists or audio, all in the same note.
– Add PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, and more with the dedicated file note card.
– Create and mark checklists to get stuff done with the dedicated checklist note card.
– Record ideas, meetings, and lectures with the audio note card.
– Capture moments using the dedicated photo note card.
– Sketch ideas and take hand written notes using your finger with the sketch note card.


Content added to Notebook gets intelligently formatted into beautiful, distinct cards.

– Recipe Card automatically pulls the recipe photo and description, creates a checklist for ingredients, and provides step-by-step cooking instructions. See zoho.com/notebook for supported sites.
– Video Card automatically pulls video preview and, once opened, plays in a distraction-free space. Works for YouTube and Vimeo.
– Link Card pulls headline or page title, along with the main image, creating a beautiful note card.


– You can organize various notes into notebooks.
– Notes can be grouped together.
– You can reorder your notes within a notebook.
– Move or copy note cards between notebooks.


– Synchronize all your notes and notebooks across devices and to the cloud.
– Take a note on one device, add to it from another.


– Change the color of your note cards.
– Choose a notebook cover or create your own.


– Lock individual notebooks and notes


– Search your notes within a notebook or across notebooks.


– Share your notes through email and other options.

Source: Zoho Notebook

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Today’s Tech News Briefs, Downloads, Deals, etc

November 7, 2019 @ What’s On My PC

Today’s Tech News Briefs:

Chrome OS 78 is rolling out with some new notable features; A list of the most obese States in the country; Amazon Prime Veteran’s discount is golden, SIGN UP HERE;  How political parties could target you online; Malware that restricts access to personal files and then demands ransom for its redemption; How to Get Started in Microsoft’s New Office App Beta for iOS and Android; AND, Are you always losing your keys? Read this

More Tech News Here

Today’s Downloads:

A password manager (Avira Password Manager) capable of creating, saving, managing, and syncing all your passwords and notes across all your devices; A browser (Google Chrome) that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier; AND, Portable app to burn (Etcher Portable) images to USB keys and SD Cards.

More Downloads Here

Today’s Amazon Deals:

1-Yr Amazon Prime Membership for Vets/Active Military $79 at Amazon…

Save on this Master Lock 178D Locker Lock Set Your Own Combination Padlock…

More Deals Here

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Today’s Wallpaper: Stepping Stones In Tollymore Forest Park

Stepping Stones In Tollymore Forest Park

Stepping stones in Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland

If historic Tollymore Forest Park brings to mind knights and castles, it’s no surprise. The site in Northern Ireland was used as a filming location for the popular ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series. Encompassing 1,600 acres in County Down, the park is rich with lush greenery, but explorers will also find historic stone gates, bridges, and arches—some dating back to 1726… Continue Reading @ Bing

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Daily Deal: Save on the Sony X800G Series 4K Ultra HD TV’s (various sizes)

Depending on the screen size, I am seeing 30% to 45% savings…

Sony X800G Series 4K Ultra HD TV’s

  • 4K HDR, – HDR10 & hog for Advanced detail and clarity
  • Upscale to a more natural picture with 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Content appears with lifelike Motion with Motion flow XR technology
  • Scenes appear more realistic with dynamic contrast Enhancer
  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa for an even smarter home
  • Slice of living design with built-in cable management

Source: Amazon – Sony X800G Series 4K Ultra HD TV’s

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FREE Security and Privacy Software for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an excellent browser (PRO); but, at the same time, it is a data collection software apparatus that reveals a lot about you (CON) through your browsing history (and other means). Google Chrome is also key when it comes to owning a Chromebook where the operating system is Google Chrome. What I have found that people do not understand all of this and do not know you can go into the settings in Google Chrome to clean out the history, cookies, etc… that are the tidbits of information that reveals where you have been on the internet. Going through these steps to clear out this data can also be a pain, even for the seasoned user.

The solution that I use, on my Windows computer and my Chromebook, to protect my privacy (and recommend) is a Chrome browser extension called “History Eraser“. Once installed, you simply click on the eraser icon, on the toolbar, then click on “Run Eraser”. It doesn’t get any easier than that and I can guarantee you will see a performance boost, especially if you have not done any browser cleaning in a very long time or at all. I usually run this following each browser session.

There are other settings in “History Eraser” to look at, as well. For example, I placed a “checkmark” next to “Close All Tabs Before Cleaning” to reduce the memory load and to ensure the cleaning process is accurately performed. You will also see “Easy-Medium-Hard” buttons at the bottom of the window. My advice for folks at home is to leave it at the default settings and you will be good to go. The more advanced buttons are more technical in nature and may only get you into trouble.

If you look at the screenshot above you will see that “History Eraser” (by the default settings), cleans out many items and will do it safely. I have been using this software (browser extension) for a very long time and it has worked well for me.

Source: HotCleaner – History Eraser

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Today’s Tech News Briefs, Downloads, Deals, etc…

November 4, 2019 @ What’s On My PC

There is something here for everyone!”

Today’s Tech News Briefs:

Google “UPSIZES” the city landmark icons on Google Maps; Read how facial recognition technology could  cause a scenario where we achieve an almost-accidental surveillance state; Why did Google buy Fitbit? Here’s 5 reasons why; Top 10 pirated movies for this week; You can now do “Photoshop” on the iPad; AND, Scammers trying to fool Office 365 users into giving up their log in information.

Today’s Downloads:

A small utility (PingInfoView) that allows you to easily ping multiple hostnames and IP addresses, and watch the result in one table; A portable application (Farbar) designed to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, & Windows 7/8/10 in normal or safe mode to diagnose malware issues; AND, Preserve your family history for generations to come with this FREE (My Family Tree) Windows software.

Today’s Amazon Deals:

A brightly backlit “wireless and rechargeable” keyboard with illuminated characters for easy typing by a prominent keyboard maker (Logitech)…


Get this  (SimpliSafe) 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera – Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring (no contract) at a “get it now” price…

simplisafe home security system 24/7 monitoring home protection wireless alarm system

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Today’s Wallpaper: Bison at Yellowstone National Park

Bison at Yellowstone National Park

A national icon

If ever there was an animal that deserved some recognition, it’s the bison. Since 2012, National Bison Day has been observed on the first Saturday of November to acknowledge the animal’s cultural, historical, and economic significance—as well as its remarkable comeback. Bison were once plentiful in America. Tens of millions strong in the 1800s, they roamed in great herds, helping to diversify and maintain the prairie habitat… Continue Reading @ Bing

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Today’s Tech News Briefs, Downloads, Deals, etc… @ What’s On My PC

There is something here for everyone!

Today’s Tech News Briefs:

Microsoft Edge is getting a new logo; How to pin a tab in Google Chrome; The best “phablets” (smartphones over 6.3″); Will my phone change for Daylight Saving Time automatically?; A new version of Monopoly for Android and iOS was announced last month, and now you can pre-register for it on the Play Store; Alarming and chilling takeaway that savvy social media users outside the U.S. are gaming President Donald Trump’s Twitter habits; AND, Two Great FREE Streaming Services Compared…

Today’s Downloads:

An Open Source utility (Simplenote) that allows you to sync your essential notes on all your devices automatically; A mildly customizable text to speech application (Balbooka) that is capable of utilizing all the installed computer voices on your PC; AND, A cutting-edge extension (LASER CAT) for the popular Firefox or Chrome web browser software.

Today’s Amazon Deals:

ON SALE NOW – How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray + Blu-ray + Digital) for $13

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World [Blu-ray]

GREAT RATINGS and ON-SALE NOW – Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and HTV Vinyl Projects

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Today’s Tech News Briefs, Downloads, Deals, etc… November 2, 2019 @ What’s On My PC

Today’s Tech News Briefs: Check out “why” the popularity of Chromebooks have dramatically increased; Learn how a NEW Russian “Internet Sovereign Law” will ultimately provide a path to internet disconnect in Russia; A company in Wisconsin is recalling its’ ground beef because the beef may contain metal; Google confirmed Friday it had agreed to purchase the fitness tracker company Fitbit for $2.1 billion; Here are the winners out of 18 coolers as tested by c|net; Tubi TV adds NEW movie titles to its library for the month; AND, Microsoft plans to migrate the MSDN and TechNet databases to a new website called Microsoft Q&A.

Today’s Downloads: A simple yet beautiful Windows desktop clock; FREE and reliable P2P Bittorrent client; AND, Looking for a powerful and free alternative to Microsoft Office? This is it.

Today’s Amazon Deals:

High Customer Reviews on these LED, 800 Lumens, Dusk-to-Dawn A19 Frosted Light Bulbs

The ULTIMATE (reasonably priced) Reclining Gaming Computer Desk Chair with Adjustable Massage Lumbar Pillow and Footrest

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Fecal matter can be found on 1 out of every 6 smartphones…

I’m sorry for the catchy title, but it is a topic of importance… Today I had someone that wanted me to help them on their smartphone and as I was touching their phone (which was not very well-kempt), I started wondering; How many germs was I coming in contact with? Where has this phone been? Has the phone ever been cleaned? Do they use their smartphone when on the toilet?

Following this experience, I started looking for some information on this and came across a USAToday article from back in February that indicated “Your smartphone is 7 times dirtier than your toilet…” The article specifically pointed out that:

Fecal matter can be found on 1 out of every 6 smartphones, according to a 2011 study done by researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

“Mobile phones have become veritable reservoirs of pathogens as they touch faces, ears, lips and hands of different users of different health conditions,” researchers observed in a 2009 study of bacteria removed from personal calling devices.

All of the bacteria picked up during your day-to-day activities ends up on your daily dialing devices, and odds are, you don’t clean them often or well enough.

“All cellphones are going to have bacteria on them because we hold them up to our face…

The bottom line here is; you can head off germs by washing your hands frequently and you need to clean and disinfect your phone daily. What I use is Lysol Handi-Pack Disinfecting Wipes that is safe to use on electronics including Smartphones, Tablets and Remote Controls (see full description below).

So, take my advice, keep your hands clean and your smartphones clean… The outward appearance of your smartphone can tell a lot about you…

Lysol Handi-Pack
Disinfecting Wipes

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes can be used as a convenient way to clean and disinfect your household surfaces. Each pre-moistened disposable wipe kills germs wherever you use it, even suitable to use on wood. No bottles, no sponges, no mess. Kills Salmonella Enterica (Salmonella), Influenza A Virus Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Respiratory Syncytial Virus on hard, non porous surfaces in 10 minutes. Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria. Removes more than 95% of allergens (Pet Dander, Dust Mite Debris and Pollen Particles). Lysol Disinfecting Wipes are also safe to use on electronics including Smartphones, Tablets and Remote Controls.

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Today’s Wallpaper: Percé Rock in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence

Percé Rock in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence

Percé Rock in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Québec, Canada

A major attraction in Québec’s Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé National Park, Percé Rock is an oft-photographed limestone island that rises up from the surf like a ghostly ship. There are several local legends that feature the rock, all of them variations on a romantic tale of young lovers separated by distance and duty… Read More @ Bing

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Today’s Tech News Briefs, Downloads, Deals, etc… November 1, 2019 @ What’s On My PC

Today’s Tech News Briefs: A new edition to Pluto TV in time for Christmas is coming; Google is restoring a tab management tool they removed after people got p*ssed; Motorola may be setting the stage to update a popular clamshell phone to a NEW foldable-screen phone; Google is rolling out “incognito mode” in its’ Android mapping app; It is “Black Friday” already at Dell…

Today’s Downloads include: A FREE web browser from the founders of the original Opera Web Browser; AND, a software option to perform screen recordings.

Today’s Tech Deals include:

Save some big bucks on this Acer Chromebook

Good Consumer Ratings on this
Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light


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Today’s Downloads, News, Deals, etc… October 31, 2019 @ What’s On My PC

Today’s Downloads, News, Deals, etc… is a new experiment here at “What’s On My PC”… Not sure how long this experiment will last but will depend on if visitors like the format or not.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, today’s findings are a browser guard you may want to consider installing; an open source super fast file copying program; 2019’s worse cybersecurity threats; Chromebooks are becoming more popular; a very unique all-in-one  lamp, bluetooth speaker and wireless charger; a Microsoft Excel tip; and, with Christmas around the corner, a small utility to make it snow on your computer’s desktop.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome is a free extension designed to bring the protection of Malwarebytes direct to your browser. It is designed to provide you with a safe and fast browsing experience blocking malicious websites while filtering out unwanted content potentially giving you webpage load times up to 3x faster. [License: Freeware | Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 | Size: 14.7 MB ]

An Open Source file management utility designed for fast copying, moving, and transferring of files/folders.

2019’s worst cybersecurity threats and the fact that consumers and businesses alike need to take cybersecurity education more seriously.

In 2019 alone, we’ve seen nearly fifty Chrome devices hit the market and a ton more on the way in the coming months. Compare that to just over one hundred models in the span of seven years between 2011 and 2018. That’s some serious growth.

Coupon savings of $20 on this very unique Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

Microsoft Excel – Make your worksheets look more compact and focused by hiding unwanted columns or rows. Hidden rows/columns still work in calculations, they can be referenced in formulas etc. It’s pretty straightforward.

If you have kids around, DesktopSnowOK will bring a big smile to their face as you work the magic. This utility is by the makers of SoftwareOK.com and is designed with one purpose in mind; to make it snow on your desktop with 5 to 2000 snowflakes.

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Today’s Wallpaper: Corvin Castle – A Vampires Castle?

Corvin Castle – A Vampire’s Castle?

Protect your neck

Happy Halloween, boos and ghouls! We hope our vampire isn’t too scary on this day designed for spooky delights. The fortress in our image is Romania’s Corvin Castle—not far from Transylvania, a real historical region in Romania. In Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula,’ the ghoulish Count Dracula lives in a remote Transylvanian castle, cementing the place in popular imagination as the home of vampires… Read More @ Bing

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Today’s Wallpaper: Prague’s Charles Bridge

Prague’s Charles Bridge

Superstition abounds on Prague’s Charles Bridge, dating back to its construction in 1357. Builders laid the original bridge stone on July 9 at exactly 5:31 AM, the year, date, and time represented by a precise set of numbers that formed a palindrome: 135797531 (or 1357 9, 7 5:31). The sequence, which reads the same backward and forward, is carved onto the stones of the Old Town Bridge Tower at the east end of the bridge and was believed to bring a kind of magical strength to the structure… Read More @ Bing

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Today’s Downloads, News, Deals, etc… October 30, 2019 @ What’s On My PC

A “sample” of today’s roundup includes the World Series stats, thus far; some Google news; how to go “incognito”; the best value 4K TV; an open-source disk cloning program; and, MORE…

We are going to game 7 of the World Series (Nationals and Astros). It has been an exciting series so far. If you have missed the previous games, here are the stats.

Google is putting one of the final nails in Adobe Flash’s coffin. The company announced it will stop indexing pages that use Flash, as well as standalone “.swf” animation files. That means about three percent of all websites (or eight percent of the top 1000) will become less discoverable by the end of the year, while almost everyone else has already migrated to more modern web technologies.

This year’s Halloween Google Doodle is a real hoot, especially if you like animals. Google’s annual tradition continues with another fun, festive, and interactive homepage doodle just in time for Oct. 31. But this year, Google got some guidance from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Here’s how to go “incognito” in Google Chrome…

Check out this very reasonably priced, portable and collapsible Nulaxy Adjustable Phone and Table Stand

Whether you’re concerned about home intruders or just need to spy on your dog, these cameras can stream a live video feed straight to your smartphone.

Head over to Newegg if you want to grab the cheapest and probably one of the best value-for-money 4K monitors (that doubles as TV) in the market today, with an incredible price of only $189.99.

HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard will silently and automatically block all pornographic and inappropriate content online and record detailed website activity including time of visit and time spent on each website.

An Open Source partition, disk imaging and cloning program similar to True Image or Norton Ghost.

Free disc burning tool which can cater for all your CD and DVD creation needs

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Here is how to go “incognito” in Google Chrome…

When you typically browse the internet with Google Chrome (and other web browsers), the sites you visit are stored in the browser’s history. Also, the sites you visit will deposit and store browsing cookies that keep track of your visits and activity. Both typically serve good purposes; however, what if you do not want to be tracked? If that is the case, then go “incognito”.

Here’s how to go “incognito” in Google Chrome:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More and then New Incognito Window.
  3. A new window appears. In the top corner, check for the Incognito icon Incognito
  4. You will see a window similar to what is pictured below.

A misconception about “incognito” mode:

Even though your browsing history and cookies are not stored on the computer you are working from; websites you visit, your employer or school, or internet service provider can still track your activity via the computer’s IP addresses.

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Today’s Wallpaper: Straw Colored Fruit Bats

Straw Colored Fruit Bats

There are over 1,000 species of bats, but they all fit neatly into one of two categories: microbats or megabats. The straw-colored fruit bat, if you didn’t guess, is of the mega variety. They are the most widely distributed of all African fruit bats and have adapted to a variety of habitats. Because their habitat extends to such great distances, straw-colored fruit bats play a critical role as pollinators and dispersers of seeds. They’re highly social, too, living in large groups called colonies that can number from the thousands upward to a million. But don’t worry, they do not drink blood. For them, fruit is life… — Read More @ Bing

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Today’s Downloads, News, Deals, etc… October 29, 2019 @ What’s On My PC

A good round-up of news and downloads today… Starting with, Facebook’s announcement of their preventative health tool; to Apple’s warning to iPhone 5 users; to a computer cleanup tool that is new to me here at What’s On My PC; to bluetooth wireless earbuds with a very high customer review rating; PLUS, a lot more.

There is something here for everyone!

whatsonmypc logo 2019

Facebook’s Preventative Health tool will offer health resources and checkup reminders to its users.

Roku Streaming Stick vs. Amazon Fire Stick vs. Chromecast vs. Apple TV, and more. Which streaming device is best for cord cutters? Our buying guide will help you pick the right accessories for your TV.

Apple warns iPhone 5 owners to update devices before November 3. After that date, over-the-air updates won’t work.

The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. ‘The Lion King’ tops the chart this week, followed by ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’. ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ completes the top three.

Coupon Savings TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with 【Wireless Charging Case】 IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sport… Very high customer review ratings…

Learn five best practices for storing and naming files and folders in Google Drive.

Amazon is turning up the heat once again in the world of groceries, and specifically grocery delivery, to make its service more enticing in face of competition from Walmart, as well as a host of delivery companies like Postmates. Today, the company announced that it would make Amazon Fresh — the fresh food delivery service it now offers in some 2,000 cities in the US and elsewhere — free to use for Prime members, removing the $14.99/month fee that it was charging for the service up to now.

Clean Space can remove unneeded files that waste space on your drive as well as protect your privacy by making the deleted files unrecoverable. A good choice to safely clean and shred your computer of junk files without spending hours trying to navigate a cluttered interface or going through tons of options and settings. Sometimes simpler is better. [License: Freemium | Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP | Size: 14.2 MB ]

Notepad replacement that is well designed for editing code

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Google Drawings – A FREE Web-Based Tool for Creating and Editing Images

There are many good “web-based” applications out there that do not get the credit they deserve. Google Drawings is one of those applications. I have tried many, many “web-based” applications for creating and editing images and I keep going back to Google Drawings.

Google Drawings is like the black sheep of the Google Docs family. It is there and no one sees it. What most people don’t know is that an image you create, with Google Drawings, can be embedded into Google Docs. Google Drawings has all of those hidden powers of a graphic editor, an image editor or a publisher. As a matter of fact, some of the tools, using the layers, remind me of MS-Publisher. I have used Google Docs to create images and backgrounds for blogging, cards, flowcharts, Facebook, etc…

The best way I found to learn how to use Google Drawings is to simply visit the site, start a new blank drawing and start exploring the various menus and start creating an abstract drawing or graphic. If you have some experience with graphic editors, a lot of what you see will make sense.

I am also finding that if you google templates for google drawings, you will find a boatload of templates for many purposes (or use Bing to do the same).

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Today’s Downloads, News, Deals, etc… October 28, 2019 @ What’s On My PC

Today’s roundup includes everything from new doorbells; tips on keeping your puppy safe; how Windows update is affecting the “Start Menu”; a FREE password manager; a $100 savings on a robot vacuum; and MORE…

There is something here for everyone!

whatsonmypc logo 2019

Searching for a new doorbell? Start here.

Most dogs love going for rides, but the fur and the claws and the slobber can do a number on your interior. Here are a few tips and products for keeping your car clean and your puppy safe.

In observance of National First Responders Day, T-Mobile announced a new discounted plan for first responders that takes 50% off family lines.

Halloween is right around the corner, and Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other streaming services are happy to serve up some of the best scary movies around.

The latest iPhone models ship with a gesture-based navigation system, and President Donald Trump isn’t too thrilled about that.

Doxing, or collecting and spreading private information about a user online, is a form of cyber harassment, stalking, and even a potential threat to physical safety. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself against it.

Samsung Electronics has hit upon a new technology through internal research which will make it possible for smartphones below the premium segments to sport RAMs higher than 10GB.

Doing more with less, Bose challenges the Sonos Move and almost prevails.

Coupon Deal – Save up to $100.00 on the LEFANT M520B Robotic Vacuum

The Start menu is at the heart of Windows 10, so any problems with it have serious repercussions. Included in Microsoft’s recent batch of bug-riddled updates, however, there have been two — KB4515384 and KB4524147 — which have broken the Start menu in various ways.

When two or more people have access to content in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, these four practices may help make collaboration proceed smoothly.

Free password manager to securely store all your account information, passwords, and also open/edit KeePass database files.

A free remote computer access tool.

FREE Software that scans the Windows Registry for Windows product keys and other serial numbers and licenses.

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Today’s Wallpaper: Fort Rock Valley Historical Homestead Museum

Fort Rock Valley
Historical Homestead Museum

The spooky scene here might look like a place you’d want to avoid, but it’s not likely to scare you—not too much anyway. It’s the Fort Rock Valley Historical Homestead Museum in central Oregon, a collection of abandoned homestead-era buildings from the area. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, people acquired federal lands around here for farms and ranches via the Homestead Acts. But most left within a few years due to the hot, dry summers and extremely cold winters. Today, the buildings are assembled as a ghost town and contain items from that period, including furniture, dishes, and tools. There’s also a nearby cemetery which, according to local lore, is haunted by the ghost of a rancher and author Reub Long riding his horse. — Read More @ Bing

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11 Uses for Your Old Smartphone | PCMag.com

Don’t throw that old smartphone away. There are many “afterlife” uses…

11 Uses for Your Old Smartphone

Most of us can probably eke out a few years with our smartphones, but the upgrade cycle means it’s always tempting to splurge on a shinier model. You can usually save a few bucks by trading your old phone in when you buy a new one, but there are times you might end up with an extra, aging smartphone hanging around. Instead of letting that phone collect dust, reuse it. If it connects to Wi-Fi, it can still be a handy addition to the household. Here are a few cool things you can do with your old smartphone… — Continue Reading @ PCMag.com

Check Your Internet Download/Upload Speed To Make Sure You Are Getting What You Are Paying For

Click on the link (or screenshot) below to check your internet speed at a site called Speedtest. I routinely check my internet download/upload speeds, at this website, to make sure I am getting what I am paying for. I typically will run this from my main desktop computer that is connected directly to the router/modem; but, you can run Speedtest from any computer or device (i.e. smartphone). When you get to the site and if you click on the “Apps” at the top menu, you will see the various platform options that you can run Speedtest, in addition to the web-based test.

Here at “What’s On My PC”, I have added Speedtest
to the Bookmarks4Techs collection…

Source: Speedtest by Ookla

Make It Snow On Your Computer Desktop… The Kids Will Love This!

If you have kids around, DesktopSnowOK will bring a big smile to their face as you work the magic. This utility is by the makers of SoftwareOK.com and is designed with one purpose in mind; to make it snow on your desktop with 5 to 2000 snowflakes. You can even control “how fast” it snows. If you get fed up with the snow, you can change the snow to other patterns such as leaves and baseballs.

Let it snow, let it snow on: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2000, 2008, 2016, Windows XP, Ultimate, Pro, Enterprise, Home, Business, Edition, 64-bit & 32-bit edition. Very small portable app…

Add a little winter magic feeling on your Desktop!

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Link aggregation – Use Multiple NIC Cards

TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog

There is truly an advantage to adding multiple NIC cards to a computer.   It won’t speed up a single internet connection but it can help with loss of signal, detecting access points, transferring information to and  from computers.

When adding a second NIC card to a computer, you can highlight both by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on them and then right clicking to bridge the connections so they act as one…this can allow you to bridge a wireless network to a wired network.

Creating a Bridge


Bridged Adapter

Bridged Network

Two nic cards on the same network can allow for load balancing.

Dual Wireless Cards


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Daily Deal: Save $49.99 on the Ring Floodlight Camera (with Echo Dot)

Appears Amazon has the Ring Floodlight Camera at a $50 discount with an Echo Dot thrown in.

Ring Floodlight Camera
(with Echo Dot)

The Evolution of Outdoor Security

Replace your outdated security lights with Floodlight Cam, a motion-activated HD camera with two-way talk, lights and a siren. See, hear and speak to people on your property. Shine the lights on all your blindspots. And sound the siren on suspicious activity. All from your phone, tablet and PC.

Source: Amazon – Ring Floodlight Camera (with Echo Dot)

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Today’s Downloads, News, etc… that include Pixlr X, Black Menu for Google, Q-Dir and News About A Major Data Breach

Today is a good day to start you out on a good (FREE) online photo and graphic editor called Pixlr X. The previous version of Pixlr required “Flash” and it appears Pixlr X is coded in WebGL. I have tried them all and what I do like about Pixlr X is that it is FREE and is relatively easy to use. I often use Pixlr when drafting posts here on the blog where images are involved.

There are many applications you will see me post over and over, that are that good and are updated frequently (to make them better). Black Menu for Google is an example of that. Black Menu for Google is a Browser extension that takes all the best apps and services of Google and combines them into one single, convenient experience that’s always just a click away. This extension, I have installed on all my PC’s makes it easy to go to all the Google services that I use without having to go to each site individually.

Q-Dir is another app you will see me push to you. I cannot say enough about how good this quad directory explorer is. I typically, instead of using the quad panel, drop it down to a dual-panel view. I just realized recently that you can also use tabs in this directory manager, as well. I use this directory manager instead of the file explorer built into Windows.

I am beginning to believe, really believe, that our online presence is a real risk… The personal data of nearly 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users was exposed earlier this month when an unsecured database was discovered online. The database, which could be accessed by anyone without the need for a username or password, included information such as email addresses, member IDs and payment status. People accessing the database were also able to see which Adobe products were used by individuals, the country they live in, and whether they are Adobe employees. See also: Adobe issues patches to fix scores of bugs in Adobe Acrobat and Reader, plus other software US sanctions force Adobe to… [Continue Reading]

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Today’s Wallpaper: Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Ring-Tailed Lemurs

What better place to ring in World Lemur Day than Madagascar? The island, about the size of Texas off the coast of southeastern Africa, is the native home to lemurs. Today you’ll find over 100 species and subspecies of the critters here. Most are small, with a pointed nose, large eyes, and a tail. They mainly live in trees and can be highly social… Read More @ Bing

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Downloads, News, Etc… Blue Messenger, TheSage, Earth Alerts and Facebook News

Most everyone does Facebook… Here is a web browser extension called Blue Messenger that gives you the smartphone version of Facebook in your browser. With built-in alerts, you will never miss a FB message or post again, with this extension. Appears Blue Messenger is available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox (with Edge coming soon).

If you are a writer or someone that struggles with words and their definitions, I highly recommend TheSage (a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus). I know you can look up words on Google, but TheSage is even better in that it is right at your fingertips when working from your computer. There is a FREE version of TheSage and a version you can buy (with more features). I usually download the portable version of this software.

Last on the list today is Earth Alerts. This software application gives you the ability to monitor global activity occurring, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and tropical cyclones (typhoons, hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions and other disturbances). Like we need more disasters in our life…

Facebook sure has been in the news a lot lately and now I am seeing where they are rolling out their own curated “News” tab that will highlight news it believes is relevant to individual users — read more @ engadget

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Today’s Wallpaper: Bridge of Hillsborough County

Bridge of Hillsborough County

The Hancock-Greenfield Bridge (aka County Bridge) has offered a picturesque passage over the Contoocook River in southern New Hampshire since 1937. It was built to replace another covered bridge that had been destroyed in a flood. But why even build a covered bridge? In a word, longevity. The roof and walls help protect the timber supports from rot. For comparison, an uncovered wooden bridge lasts an average of 20 years, while the covered variety can reach 100 years or more. — Read More @ Bing

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Today’s Software Picks: BlueStacks App Player, Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, and LibreOffice Portable

There are several Windows-based software applications that will allow you to run Android apps on your computer. One such software application, that was recently updated, is the BlueStacks App Player. Many people use this application as an Android gaming platform on their PC; but, I have found it will run many other Android apps, as well.

Have you ever experienced one of those scam popups on your computer that tells you your computer is infected and to call a phone number for assistance? If so, Malwarebytes AdwCleaner may be the solution in removing the issue from your computer. AdwCleaner is a compact and portable tool which can help you to remove toolbars, adware and similar browser-based pests.

Noticed that the “Portable Version” of LibreOffice was recently updated. This application as described on the site, “is a full-featured portable version of LibreOffice for Windows – including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package and database – packaged as a portable app, so you can take all your documents and everything you need to work with them wherever you go”.  Great compatibility with Microsoft Office…

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Daily Deal: ON SALE NOW – NEW Norton 360 Deluxe – Antivirus software for 3 Devices with Auto Renewal

ONGOING PROTECTION Download instantly & install protection for up to 3 PCs, Macs, iOS or Android devices in minutes! REAL-TIME THREAT PROTECTION Advanced security that helps defend against existing and emerging malware to your devices, and helps protect your private and financial information when you go online. SECURE VPN – Browse anonymously and securely with a no-log VPN. Add bank-grade encryption to help keep your information like passwords and bank details secure and private.

NEW Norton 360 Deluxe
Antivirus software for 3 Devices with Auto-Renewal

Source: Amazon – NEW Norton 360 Deluxe – Antivirus software for 3 Devices with Auto Renewal

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Today’s Wallpaper: Polar Bear Family

Polar Bear Family

Welcome to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, the self-proclaimed Polar Bear Capital of the World. Each year, about a thousand polar bears pass through the small town, outnumbering human residents. In October, the bears gather here to wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze over so they can venture out onto the ice to hunt for seals. The annual gathering of polar bears here is a big event for the residents of Churchill. They maintain a hotline for bear sightings and even run a polar bear ‘jail’ that temporarily holds ‘pesky’ bears to keep locals (and their food) safe. — Continue Reading @ Bing

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How do I download ALL my Google Photos?

If you own an Android OS based smartphone, you most likely are using Google Photos to archive your photos (and videos) online (at Google Photos). Even though your photos are safely stored online, the question arises, “How do I download all my Google Photos?”. Here at “What’s On My PC” I decided to explore the process that is currently in place to do just that. There is a slight learning curve to this and will require some time; especially if you have years of photos and thousands of photos. For example, in my case, I had 26.6 GB of photo and video content stored at Google Photos that I am still working on. In my case, I had twenty-six 1GB files to download and that is not the end of it. Since I like keeping my photo library organized, I will have to explore extracting the photos and videos from the multiple folders that were included in the downloads. Once I complete this process, I plan to, on an annual basis, download a year worth’s of photos at a time to stay ahead of this.

If you decide you want to explore this, the first thing you need to do is to go to Google Takeout where all of your Google Data is stored. I bet you did not know you could download your Google Data??? Once you are on the site, slightly scroll down to and click on “Deselect all”. If you don’t do this, you will end up downloading not only your photos but all of your data. Continue reading “How do I download ALL my Google Photos?”

Today’s Software Picks: TeamViewer, Microsoft Edge (Canary Chromium Edition) and Firefox

The first selection today I point you to “The Portable Freeware” web site to download TeamViewer. This is a good selection if you need to remote into a PC to assist Mom and Dad (or others). TeamViewer is a well-seasoned screen sharing, remote control, and collaboration tool.

You may have known that Microsoft is currently working on changing the Microsoft Edge browser and is using Chromium as its’ base. If you currently use Chrome, you will be right at home with Edge. If you go to “Major Geeks”, you can download the canary version of Edge. For you folks at home; anytime you see the terms, “canary, alpha, beta”, these are test versions and have not been released to the public in general.

Finally, I am seeing where Firefox version 70.0 has been released. I never thought I would see the day where software versions reach into the high double digits, but here we are. This version is about 8 digits higher than my age–LOL. Anyhow, Firefox is an excellent browser that you should consider that is available on my platforms.

Feel free to comment and share your software finds. You can find a whole slew of downloads HERE … that are updated daily.

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Tech News: US nuclear weapons command finally ditches 8-inch floppies | Naked Security

Imagine a computer system based on the 1970’s-era IBM Series/1 and 8-inch floppy drives and most people would assume you’re describing a museum piece kept alive by enthusiasts.

And yet, such a computer system ranks as one of the most important in the world – so critical in fact that nobody has wanted to change or upgrade it since it was built nearly half a century ago.

It sits in bunkers across the US, part of the command centres that run the country’s nuclear missile deterrent on behalf of the Strategic Automated Command and Control System (SACCS).

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. But what matters is that SACCS finally spies a hardware upgrade as part of a $400 billion, 10-year programme to modernise the US’s military nuclear technology.

Continue Reading @ Naked Security

Today’s Wallpaper: Bobbing for Crab Apples

Bobbing for Crab Apples

If it’s autumn, it’s apple season—the time for apple pie, apple cider (and, of course, apple cider doughnuts), apple cake, caramel apples, or just biting into a fresh, crisp apple, especially one you picked yourself. There are more than 7,500 varieties of apples grown in the world—about 2,500 in the US. This blackbird is enjoying a crab apple, which most people find a little sour to eat right off the tree. They do, however, work well for jelly, apple butter, or even pie filling. The term ‘crab apple’ doesn’t refer to a specific species but is used for several types of small apples. In Celtic culture, crab apples are associated with love and marriage. Supposedly if you throw the seeds into a fire while saying the name of your love, the seeds explode if your love is true. We’d try it but we’re busy baking a pie. — Read More @ Bing

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Google’s working on a new feature to speed up Chrome…

BGR reporting… As discovered by Ghacks, Google recently added a new feature to Chrome Canary that’s designed to further reduce the resource load from background tabs that are not currently in use. Chrome Canary, for those unaware, is a special version of Google Chrome that gives you access to features that are currently being tested by Google. It’s surprisingly stable and no experimental features are enabled automatically, so you don’t have to worry about any early features coming along and crashing your browser. In order to test new features, you have to enable them manually. Chrome Canary is a free download for anyone and everyone, and you can get it right here. With that out of the way, let’s check out this great new feature that Ghacks found.

Chrome Web Store Apps

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Today’s Software Picks: Wireless Network Watcher, WifiInfoView, and GoodSync

First up today is Wireless Network Watcher, a NirSoft Tool, that I personally use on a regular basis to determine who and what devices are connected to the wireless network in my home. I especially like that this utility pinpoints the IP address of each device. You will be surprised at how many devices you use wirelessly; especially, if you own computers, smartphones, and smart devices.

Moving on… Since we are on the NirSoft site, you need to take a look at WifiInfoView that was recently updated. This is another wireless network utility that will look for and generate a host of details on wireless networks within range of your wireless router. This utility, combined with the previously mentioned Wireless Network Watcher, I have installed on my PC, and use them regularly. I have also used these tools as troubleshooting tools when assisting others.

Last in the lineup is GoodSync… If you have been a regular visitor at What’s On My PC, I am sure you know how I feel about backing up your personal files and data. GoodSync is a good choice in helping you backup your files. There is a FREE and commercial version of GoodSync…

Feel free to comment and share your software finds. You can find a whole slew of downloads HERE … that are updated daily.

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Daily Deal: Save up to 21% on CyberPower UPS System

If you are in a region where power outages often occur, even brief outages, you already know that these outages can result in data loss and damage to computer hardware. To safely protect your computer, it is best practices to invest in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). A UPS will provide battery backup power to your equipment with enough runtime to allow you to safely shutdown the equipment; especially during extended outages. Today on Amazon I noticed that CyberPower has a UPS system available at a reduced cost that you may want to take advantage of.

CyberPower AVRG750U AVR UPS System,
750VA/450W, 12 Outlets, Compact

Source: Amazon – CyberPower AVRG750U AVR UPS System

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Today’s Software Picks: PDF Anti-Copy, Shotcut and WPS Office Suite

Today’s software picks feature a utility called PDF Anti-copy that prevents anyone from copying or converting your PDF Documents. I can see this coming in handy when managing legal documents. Second, on the list is a popular open source (FREE) video editor called Shotcut. Then, if you are in a pinch for a FREE Office Suite that is very compatible with Microsoft Office you may want to take a look at WPS Office Free 2019. Here at “What’s On My PC”, I use WPS as my main office suite, but with one caveat. If you go to the WPS site download the 2016 version. I have found that it is less complex in appearance, minimal ads, and uses less drive space.

Learning How To Pause Windows 10 Updates At Home

For people at home, Microsoft Windows 10 (Home Edition) has an advanced built-in feature that allows you to “temporarily” delay or pause Windows updates for up to 35 days. For your IT Network Managers in the business world, you are most likely running Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, etc…; and, in those instances, updates can be delayed up to a year.

Microsoft Windows is an extremely complex operating system, the target of the criminal enterprise, and as a result, updates are necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the operating system. Often though, these updates run into compatibility issues or the coding of the update may be off just enough that it causes widespread problems. As a result, a good strategy here is to delay the updates; especially if you know beforehand the update is one that is a major OS “feature” update where potential stability problems often occur.

So, how do you delay the updates? I found a good tutorial on this, which is a quick read, and for you folks at home, you will learn where and how to pause updates in a matter of minutes. There are also instructions included for anyone else who has the higher Windows 10 version options.

I do want to add that it is vitally important to allow updates to eventually take hold in order to protect your data and the integrity of the operating system.

How to delay Windows 10 updates, like the November 2019 Update

Windows Update

Do you want to stop Windows 10 November 2019 Update (version 1909) from downloading and installing on your computers and other similar devices? The good news is that, if you have Windows 10 Pro or a superior edition such as Enterprise, you can postpone updates for up to an entire year. Even if you only have Windows 10 Home, you can still change some settings and make it delay updates for up to 35 days. Here is how to postpone Windows 10 updates such as November 2019 Update.

Continue Reading @ Digital Citizen

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Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 | CISA

Technical Details

All software products have a lifecycle. “End of support” refers to the date when the software vendor will no longer provide automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance. [2] For more information on end of support for Microsoft products see the Microsoft End of Support FAQ. Systems running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will continue to work at their current capacity even after support ends on January 14, 2020. However, using unsupported software may increase the likelihood of malware and other security threats. Mission and business functions supported by systems running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 could experience negative consequences resulting from unpatched vulnerabilities and software bugs. These negative consequences could include the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, system resources, and business assets.


The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) encourages users and organizations to: Upgrade to a newer operating system. Identify affected devices to determine breadth of the problem and assess risk of not upgrading.  Establish and execute a plan to systematically migrate

Source: Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 | CISA

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Nimbus Note – You May Like This As An Alternative To OneNote and Evernote

Nimbus Notes is similar to Microsoft OneNote and Evernote; however, in my opinion I like it better for quickly capturing information for blogging. With the free option of Nimbus Notes you are limited to 100 notes (a month), 100Mb uploads (a month), 10Mb attachment size, and 50Mb note size; all of which seem minute and may not work for you if you are saving a ton of data. What sold me is the Nimbus Screen Capture and Nimbus Note Capture browser extensions (available for different browser platforms) that allow me to send my captured information to my Nimbus Notes. There are also mobile apps available as well. Anyhow, I thought I would throw this out there and let you take a look at it.

Nimbus Note

Transform information chaos from multiple sources into an organized workplace. Empower yourself or your team to get things done faster with fewer iterations and fewer meetings.

Source: Nimbus Note – One place to manage all your information|knowledge base|task|projects|etc

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