Kaspersky’s Antivirus For FREE Soon Rolling Out

I have known Kaspersky's Antivirus to be one of the best when it comes to computer security (however, at a price -- not FREE). Soon you will be able to get a baseline version of Kaspersky's Antivirus for FREE. This new development by Kaspersky's (according to ZDNet) is apparently in light of the U.S. Government removing Kaspersky Lab from... Continue Reading →

Give Panda FREE Antivirus A Try

Couple years back I had tried a FREE antivirus software product called Panda Cloud Antivirus. At that time I was impressed that Panda used the cloud (the internet) to scan and analyze files (in real time); however, I felt it just was not there yet in terms of reliability.Today, I am back giving Panda a... Continue Reading →

Today’s Geek Squeaks – October 16, 2013

A summary of Today’s Geek Squeaks‘: Squeak #1 – (Reduce The Risk Of Your Computer Being Attacked or Infected): Bill Mullins’, writer of Tech Thoughts Daily Net News, started off this morning with Avast 2014 FREE Edition, as being the lead topic (and rightfully so). I encourage you to bookmark Bill’s site to get the latest and... Continue Reading →

Anti-Virus Uninstall Tools

The same security software that we use to protect our computers can be more troublesome than a virus when the time comes to uninstalling the software. Security software products are very comprehensive in design; and as a result often require special uninstallers to fully remove them from your computer. I encourage you to visit TCAT Shelbyville to get to one of the most comprehensive lists (by ESET) I have seen to help you uninstall anti-virus software. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you decide to remove any anti-virus or anti-malware software from your computer, ALWAYS CHECK WITH THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, to determine if there are any special utilities to remove the software.  Also, on the ESET site, you will also find a link listing malware removal tools that may be helpful in the event you suspect a malware infection.

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TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog

Here’s one of the most comprehensive Anti-Virus removal tools (dozens) from ESET.   List of Removal Tools

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MediaFire App Now Available For Android

MediaFire is an online file storage and sharing service that most computer users at home are not familiar with. With MediaFire you are given 50GB’s of space (for FREE) with a 200 MB file upload size limit. Compared to the other online storage services (which typically offer much less FREE storage space), MediaFire is very... Continue Reading →

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