Google Tasks may soon be integrated with Google Calendar | Android Community

One of the things that Google users have been requesting is to have the new-ish Google Tasks integrated with all the other Google productivity apps to make it a seamless process. Well we did get that with Gmail previously and now it looks like Google Calendar is the next one to follow. They have actually been working on the task integration for some time now but a recent teardown has spotted the feature and can actually be manually triggered if you know how.

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Google Maps’s new UI has no side menu, but gets a 5-tab bottom bar with quick access to your saved places | Android Police

Some Google Maps users are being greeted by a new interface when they open the application. Gone are the now-familiar three bottom tabs with the side menu. Instead, the app has completely removed the menu and switched to five tabs, while lots of options migrated to the account picker pop-up. The benefit of this UI is faster access to your contributions as well as your saved places and lists.

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An Android Based Clipboard Manager For Your Phone Or Tablet

An app that I installed on my phone that has been invaluable to me when blogging is an app called “Clipboard Manager“. Clipboard Manager is a simple and powerful application to manage your clipboard, keep history, fast access to your notes in history, etc. If you install and use this app and find it is not showing up in the notifications; go into your phone’s settings and under the battery settings app management, allow the app to run in the background. This is a nice app if you are constantly copying/pasting text-based material…

Screenshot Image

Source: Clipboard Manager – Apps on Google Play

Google Calendar (finally) lets users reassign events to other calendars – Android Community

While Google Calendar is probably one of the favorite productivity apps of a lot of users, the mobile version is not as robust as its desktop counterpart. One of the things missing was the ability to move events from one calendar to the other. It looks like Google is finally adding that minor but important feature as a server-side switch is giving selected users the ability to do that.

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Use Your Phone As One Of Those Wallet Magnifier Cards

You may be like me and carry one of those wallet magnifier cards to use in those instances where you need to magnify small text; but, did you know you can use your smartphone to do the same thing. There are numerous “magnifier” apps on the Google Play Store that will turn your phone into a magnifier card; but, most are polluted with ads. After doing a lot of searching, I settled with the Android app called weZoom. On the get-go, it is FREE and I mean ad free; AND, for an ad free app “weZoom” has many of the features of the paid apps. You can “pinch to zoom in and out”‘; tap the screen to clear up what you are seeing; pause what you are seeing; capture what you are seeing; illuminate what you are seeing; and, even share (via other apps) what you are seeing.

weZoom, best app out there to serve as that wallet magnifier card…

Screenshot Image

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