Over 33,500 High Quality Clipart Images for FREE

If you are looking for that special visual touch for that blog article, school paper, or any document for that matter; then visit WPClipart.  This site is loaded with over 33,500 high quality “public domain” images.

I encourage you to visit the “Legal F.A.Q.” page to learn how you can take these images and freely modify them to make derivative works that legally can be used for a logo, banner, etc…

The creator of WPClipart, Paul Sherman, started this online  project as a “safe” collection of clipart for his kids. Mr. Sherman we give you a thumbs-up for maintaining and compiling such a great list of clipart that will be a benefit to many! WPClipart has made it to the What’s On My PC…  “Freebies Page”.


You can browse the collection [ here ] .


Web Site Description:

WPClipart is a collection of high-quality public domain images specifically tailored for use in word processors and optimized for printing on home/small office inkjet printers. There are thousands of color graphic clips as well as illustrations, photographs and black and white line art. Nearly all are available in lossless, PNG format. The wpclipart server is also able to convert any image (up to 600 pixels in width or height) to a JPG, if that image format is desired.  As of Wednesday, 10/07/2009 there are 33,544 images.


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Get answers to real questions with wiseGEEK…

The internet has become an infinite source of information that we have come to rely on for just about everything; however, it is important to verify the information for validity and accuracy.  Often we start our research for information from simply asking ourselves a question. The question in many cases can be relatively simple but finding the answer can be difficult because the answers are distributed across multiple web sites. This is where wiseGEEK steps in…


wiseGEEK digests and simplifies disparate information into concise answers. The site is a compilation of nearly 50,000 articles, under 22 categories, with answers to common questions that is researched by over 100 qualified contributors.  wiseGEEK makes every attempt to keep the articles error free and accepts comments from readers to challenge the validity of the information.

…occasionally an error sneaks into one of our articles. That is where our wiseGEEK readers come in. In the “wiseGEEK features” menu available on every article page, there is an option to “comment on this article.” Every comment is researched and implemented where appropriate. Our qualified writers along with the army of readers ensures that our information is as accurate as possible.


Personally, I enjoy visiting wiseGEEK, on a regular basis, to learn about answers to common questions and to build my trivia knowledgebase;  AND to give myself ideas for blog articles. Make sure you check out the category on “Internet and Computers”…


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A Windows “Paint” Replacement…

I never could figure out why Microsoft would build an operating system, that is the premier operating system of the world, then include in that operating system some really poor programs (such as notepad, wordpad, paint, calculator). The freeware and open source authors have put those programs to shame… 

One replacement program that I use to replace “Paint”, is a program called “Paint.net”. Paint.net is a FREE program that originally started out as an undergraduate college senior design project mentored by Microsoft (years ago).  Some of the former students (alumni) who originally worked on the development of the software, continue to maintain it today. I can remember trying this program when it first was available on the internet and shrugged it off.  I recently went back to it and found it has grown into one powerful, yet easy to use, image and photo editing program. I surely hope that the development cycle of Paint.net continues, as it is at a stage where it is rivaling other photo editing and paint programs.

Paint.net - Main Window

(as stated on the web site)

Simple, intuitive user interface


Unlimited History

Support for many popular file formats

Effects and Adjustments

Full Support for Dual- and Quad-Core CPU’s, and 64-bit

Tablet PC Support



Features planned for version 4.0 include an improved install and update experience, lower memory requirements, increased performance,  a totally revamped “brush” system, layer masks, and adjustment layers. The improvements to the data model and rendering engine will also enable features such as text layers, effect layers, composite layers, and soft selections.

Get It from Download.com

GET IT HERE - Paint.net



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