7 Free Online Baby Names Generator Websites @ ilovefreesoftware

August 6, 2017

Noticed on one of my favorite websites, ilovefreesoftware, that they have an article posted up titled, “Free Online Baby Names Generator Websites”.

Names generators are excellent resources not only for your baby; but, for helping with the naming of a cat, dog, turtle, hamster, etc… — LOL.  My cat’s name, “Emma Faith Clementine Pumpernickel Boo Boo Robinette”, was not a product of one of these names generator’s, but any of the seven below may have been helpful at the time.  I encourage you to visit the site, “ILoveFreeSoftware” where they post daily, a comparative mix and analysis of FREE software products, websites, etc…

 name baby

Best Little Baby

Baby Name Wizard

Baby Name Genie

Mum’s Net

Baby Center

Names Generator

Alex Davey

SOURCE: ilovefreesoftware – Free Online Baby Names Generator Websites

Use Baby Name Map to find a name for your baby…

September 20, 2009

image If you are in search for a name for your baby, then you need to check out Baby Name Map.

Baby Name Map is an aggregation of data from various regional government sources, around the world, all in one place. Currently there are over 100,000 unique names from 14 different countries. Baby Name Map was developed by a father-to-be (Guy Davis – Software Developer) who needed help on baby naming.

Baby Name Map – A Google maps mash-up with popular given-name data from all around the world. Parents can use the map to find the perfect baby name: not too popular, not too obscure, just right!



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