Bing vs. Google – Bing It On

Back in May of 2009 I posted an article titled, “bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine”. My intent of the article was to let people know that Microsoft had created their own version of a search engine that would be a main competitor to Google and Yahoo. I was actually impressed with Bing (back then)... Continue Reading →

GEEK SQUEAKS’ (#65) – A Wireless Hard Drive, Opera Browser, Ask A Tech Teacher, New Coupon Site, and Bing’s Magical Calendar

Seagate's Mobile Wireless Hard Drive —————————————————– Opera for Windows —————————————————– Tech Tip #96: Open a Program Maximized @ Ask A Tech Teacher —————————————————– Our Own Start-Up: New Coupon Site Pluxie! @ Websites, Internet, Software Tips And Reviews —————————————————– Bing unveils Magical Holiday Calendar @ AKSGeek Live —————————————————– [CLICK HERE] Computers & Accessories Index Over 600... Continue Reading →

Bing Entertainment – FREE Online Games

Bing, Microsoft’s Search Engine, now offers several entertainment components to their search engine experience. One such experience under their entertainment category is access to some really great online games - [ CLICK HERE ] They’re all part of a stellar line up of new casual games that can be found on Bing – available right... Continue Reading →

Search the Internet better with fefoo…

Fefoo is a search application that changes the way we use search engines. Fefoo is an application that is engineered to work with multiple search engines to make your searches more effective and better. FeFoo is designed to search by categories; thus, making your search more refined from the time you start searching. As a... Continue Reading →

bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine

Keep your eye out for "bing". Bing is Microsoft's NEW search engine that will replace Microsoft's Live Search. Reportedly this strategy will help bring Microsoft in line with their main competitors (Yahoo and Google). Reports from Microsoft indicate that bing will be able to dig deeper and provide more relevant search results; PLUS, your search... Continue Reading →

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